New year, more projects! The Southlake Mobility Team is working to make getting you from place to place better!

These projects include repaving roads, repairing potholes and full reconstruction.

Projects are as follows:

Road Construction Projects 2021 

Brookwood Lane, Hillcastle and Raintree Spring 2021
Briar Lane and Hilltop Drive Spring 2021
Hillside Court Spring 2021
Simmons Court Summer 2021
Tarrant County ILA – N. Carroll (SH114 to Burney) Summer 2021


Maintaining the City’s mobility network has always been a top priority. These improvements will provide safer commutes and improve overall mobility in Southlake.

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Earlier this week, Public Works Streets and Drainage crews dug test pits to prepare for construction at the intersection of the southbound lanes at Zena Rucker Road and S. Carroll Avenue.

With the extension of Zena Rucker Road approaching completion, traffic is expected to increase in the area as shoppers and pedestrians travel to the Shops of Southlake. The S. Carroll Avenue CIP project will turn the asphalt lane into a concrete lane so the entire roadway will be comprised of the same material for a more long-term use and future expansion.

The project is estimated to start within two weeks and completed in six weeks, weather permitting.

The improvements are a part of the 2030 Master Mobility Plan.

For more information about mobility projects in Southlake and updates on mobility news, follow our Southlake Mobility Facebook page.

It seems like yesterday the City announced the N. White Chapel Widening Project to improve safety and mobility within Southlake. Since construction commenced in 2017, we wanted to take a look back to see how far we’ve come and how much longer we have until completion.

The N. White Chapel Widening Project developed as part of the Southlake 2030 Master Mobility Plan. The plan is a document that houses recommendations to the City’s transportation network which includes the Sidewalk Plans, Pathways Plan and Thoroughfare Plan.

The plan is updated every five years to accommodate Southlake’s growing population and future developments.

“Transportation is one of the community’s most visible and permanent elements,” said Rob Cohen, Director of Public Works. “The mobility plan inaugurates the framework for the community’s growth and build out. By creating a good transportation system, commuters can travel efficiently, conveniently and safely.”

The project was designed to take place in two phases. Phase 1 included the widening of the road from Highway 114 to Highland and the construction of the dual-lane roundabout located at the intersection of N. White Chapel and Highland. Phase 2 is the widening of the road from Emerald to Highland.

The City works side by side with contractors to ensure that this project remains on schedule.

“Staying on track for this project is one of our main priorities,” Cohen said. “The City works closely with contractors and has meetings to ensure that the ongoing construction is on schedule and that the impact on traffic is minimal.”

The road widening and roundabout components of Phase 1 are almost complete. Outstanding tasks for Phase 1 include landscaping, lighting, and the installation of the artwork, “Be the Bridge” by artist Boris Kramer. Phase 2 is moving steady with utility and prep work for the installation of a new screening wall.

The end result will leave N. White Chapel complete with a four-lane roadway between 114 and FM 1709, divided by a landscape median with new sidewalks for pedestrians.

The project is expected to be completed by Spring 2022 with an estimated cost of $17 million.

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