Thursday, March 23, 2023

McPherson Branch Drainage Channel Improvements

The City of Southlake will begin construction on the McPherson Branch Drainage Channel Improvements, located between Southlake Boulevard and SH 114 and next to the Kroger shopping center to the west and Staples to the east.

The drainage improvements consist of:

  • Extending the existing drainage culvert that is under Southlake Boulevard approximately 100 linear feet.
  • Landscaping and placing a grass strip over the new section of drainage culvert.
  • Removing the existing concrete channel lining and replacing it with articulated concrete blocks (ACB), which are interlocking, pervious blocks that allows vegetative growth.

Once completed, the drainage improvements to the McPherson Branch Channel will achieve several things. First, the channel improvements may address issues of standing water related to the existing concrete lining. Ponding, or when water pools and stagnates, can potentially be a health issue and the Public Works Department is committed to reducing that risk. Additionally, the improvements will facilitate easier maintenance of the area around the channel and, as a result, make the immediate area more visually appealing.   Finally, the improvements will allow for a future connection road between the two shopping centers.

The Public Works Department consistently emphasizes a commitment to citizen safety and infrastructure. The McPherson Branch Drainage Channel improvements are one aspect of that commitment. That is why the City is investing $507,815 into these drainage infrastructure improvements. The project is slated to begin construction in late March 2013.

For any questions please call the City of Southlake Public Works Department at 817-748-8098 or visit the City website.