Champions Club is Southlake’s premier recreational facility, and our team never stops innovating world-class services for our members.

If you’re a Champions Club member, you know our personal and group fitness offerings are unmatched. We strive to provide multiple group and individual fitness options to meet our members’ goals. Whenever a member identifies a need, our team is ready to respond to meet that need. That’s how Private Yoga sessions at Champions Club were born.

Our yoga classes are among the most popular group fitness classes on the Champions Club schedule, and it’s an excellent workout for those wanting to increase flexibility while strengthening and toning their muscles. However, if you’re new to yoga or group fitness isn’t your thing, joining a yoga class may not be on your to-do list. When a few Champions Club members approached our Fitness staff about providing personal yoga training sessions, we knew it was a great idea!

Our Private Yoga sessions mirror our Personal Training sessions. Champions Club members can book as little as three or up to twenty one-on-one sessions with our world-class yoga instructor. What can you expect when you book a Private Yoga package at Champions Club? A personal one-on-one yoga class with particular attention paid to your form and poses. Think of it as a more relaxed approach to personal training with all the benefits of a personalized training program.

If you want to incorporate yoga into your wellness routine but don't know where to start Private Yoga is for you. Purchase a partner package to improve your flexibility with a friend and keep each other accountable! Register for your private sessions today!

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