Monday, October 18, 2021

Dragon Siblings Receive Surprise Visit at School

After serving the past 16 months in Africa, Capt Johnny Marshall of Southlake surprised both of his sons at school, Wednesday, Jan. 8. Carroll ISD students and brothers Jake and Zack Marshall each received an unexpected visit from their father during class.

Capt. Marshall arrived at DFW International Airport in the morning and made a direct trip to his son’s campuses. First he surprised Jake, a sixth grader at Eubanks Intermediate during his P.E. class. Principal Deena Steeber led the Captain, accompanied by close family members to the gym.

Next, Marshall and family headed over to Dawson Middle School and surprised Zack a seventh grader, during his class. The reunion was so emotional, the entire classroom erupted in applause.

The family left Dawson Middle School, amid a patriotic show of support by Principal Ryan Wilson, students and staff members. The entire event was a hero’s welcome home with his family at his side.

Carroll Campuses Honor America's Military Heroes

The Carroll Dragons honored America’s Military Heroes in grand fashion this Veterans Day. Nearly every campus hosted patriotic assemblies Monday, Nov. 11, with the exception of Walnut Grove Elementary School and Rockenbaugh Elementary School. Walnut Grove hosted their Veterans Day event Friday, Nov. 8 and Rockenbaugh will host their celebration on Thursday, Nov. 14.

Many of the elementary campuses included performances from third and fourth grade students. Highlights include student choirs and in a unique show of patriotism, students and Old Union showed off their fancy footwork with an athletic routine set to patriotic music.

Students in the middle grades were treated to various guest speakers, some included older veterans who spoke of the historical significance of the military. One Dragon parent, in active military spoke with students at Eubanks Intermediate and Dawson Middle School in separate assemblies via Skype. U.S. Navy Captain, Johnny Marshall is the father of Jake (EIS) and Zach (DMS) Marshall. Capt. Marshall spoke to students from his location in the Horn of Africa.

Carroll Senior High School and Carroll High School featured performances by the Dragon Band. CHS student Sophia Formella sang the National Anthem to begin the Veterans Day assembly. Student Chris Weisberg played Taps to a standing crowd, marking the end of the Veterans Day event at CSHS.

A photo slideshow of Veterans Day events across Carroll ISD is featured below.