Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Get ready for Somos Southlake 2022!

This week’s Minute with the Mayor is all about National Hispanic Heritage Month!

It’s time again for the City of Southlake’s 2nd Annual Fiesta, Somos Southlake, which will be held on Sunday, October 2, 2022, at 1:00 p.m. in Town Square. Southlake community members are invited to participate in the event, which is aimed at learning about Hispanic American culture.

The Mayor sat down with Somos Southlake Board Member Carolina Del Calvo to learn all about the upcoming festivities.

“Seeing the community come together and celebrate all these different cultures that are within the Hispanic culture is really cool,” said Del Calvo.

A group of Southlake neighbors came together to establish Somos Southlake as a means of celebrating and commemorating Hispanic American contributions to the community.

Additionally, Mayor Huffman expressed his appreciation for the event’s diversity.

“One of the things I like about bringing my family to one of these cultural events whether it is Somos Southlake or the other ones we have in the Town Square, is the opportunity to make new friends, to experience new cultures, and ultimately to learn about where we all come from and what makes us all unique,” he said.

The event will include live music representing different genres and countries, authentic arts and crafts, as well as food trucks.For more information, visit us online www.visitsouthlake.com.

New Police Training Simulator Available for Officers

With the new Police Training Simulator program, Southlake Police officers can now train for real-world scenarios. In this week’s Minute with the Mayor, Mayor John Huffman toured the training facility at DPS North.

Through the program, led by Sergeant Macheca, officers learn conflict resolution, firearms proficiency, and quick decision-making skills. Additionally, it allows officers to evaluate their decisions in real time.

“So here at the police department, we’re always looking for ways to advance our training, make it more realistic, make it safer, and we decided to invest in this assimilation program.” Sergeant Macheca said.

It is also safe and efficient, as the gear that officers use during training mimics the gear they use on the job.

The training is observed by another officer at all times.


Celebrate Southlake’s Cookbook: Let’s Make Some Play-dough!

On this week’s Minute with the Mayor, Mayor John Huffman and his wife Elizabeth Huffman invited us into their home to make her homemade play-dough recipe.

The family recipe is featured in the Celebrate Southlake’s cookbook, which is inspired by Celebrate Southlake, an annual event that recognizes and honors different cultures within our community.

“This year, we thought it would be cool to do a community cookbook where all of you could submit your recipes, things that are connected to you and your family and your culture into one cookbook, and we can put it all out for the City to see and to celebrate,” said Mayor Huffman.

Mrs. Huffman submitted recipes she felt represented her family and the time they share together. One of those recipes was a fun, quick, and easy, non-edible homemade play-dough.


“I added homemade play-dough which has been my go-to play-dough with my kids, especially when they were younger,” said Mrs. Huffman. “Especially when it’s hot outside and you’re trying to do activities with your kids on the inside, it’s fun to just get in the kitchen and get a little bit messy and make some play-dough.”

You can find all of Mrs. Huffman’s recipes along with other fun desserts, appetizers, and dinners, in the Celebrate Southlake’s cookbook. Download here..