Sunday, June 20, 2021

Is Your Vehicle Summer Ready?

There’s no doubt, the weather has significantly changed. One day it’s raining, the next day you’re hit with a gust of summer heat.

With temperatures increasing, it’s important to take safety measures by ensuring your vehicle is up to date on maintenance and prepared to handle the seasonal changes.

Check out our summer checklist to ensure your vehicle is summer ready:

  • Periodically test and check batteries for proper charging.
  • Inspect air conditioning systems for coolant and leaks.
  • Make sure all hoses, belts and water pump are functioning properly.
  • Check tire tread and pressure.

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Public Works is the Building Block of Southlake

When it comes to providing a multitude of services from one central department, Public Works comes to mind.

The department plays a vital role in distributing services that contribute to the quality of life for our residents, businesses and visitors from quality infrastructure to water quality and mobility.

They also provide safety and security by taking protective measures to reduce infrastructure risk within the City of Southlake.

“Our professionals take great pride in serving the citizens of Southlake,” Director of Public Works Rob Cohen said. “We implement the Southlake standard when it comes to taking care of City’s infrastructure needs, maintaining mobility and providing our customers with safe drinking water. Our team is well-versed and trained; it is a true honor and privilege serving alongside our public works professionals.”

There are several divisions of Public Works that contribute to the health and safety our community: Environmental Services, Streets and Drainage, Wastewater, Water, Mobility, Facilities, Engineering and Administration.

All divisions are staffed with knowledgeable professionals who are dedicated to providing the Southlake community with world-class service by protecting the public’s interest and improving quality infrastructure.

The Environmental Services Division promotes environmental wellness through public awareness, resource conversation and programs. Their ultimate goal is to protect public health by utilizing regulatory programs in addition to public education to teach others how to utilize the environment’s natural resources through storm water management, as well as Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) and water conservation programs.

The Streets and Drainage Division maintains the City’s infrastructure including roadways, stormwater infrastructure, and sidewalks. They oversee 209 miles of streets and 36 miles of drainage ditches, gutters, street curbs and medians. This division is often the first division called to assist first responders with blocked roadways from flooding, downed trees, debris or other disaster relief.

The Wastewater Division manages the daily operations of Southlake’s sewer system. They repair and perform preventative maintenance on over 200 miles of wastewater pipeline in addition to 13 lift stations. Staff also inspects and maintains over 3,000 manholes. Their tasks are required to be in compliance with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s (TCEQ) and most staff members are licensed in TCEQ Wastewater Collections.

The Water Division serves as the infrastructure side of Southlake Water Utilities. This team covers more than 11,314 water accounts, three major pump stations capable of processing more than 26 million gallons of water daily, storage tanks with a capacity of 21 million gallons of water per day, 302 miles of distribution pipe, 2,838 fire hydrants and 7,764 water valves. If customers have an interest in conserving water, the City offers programs and services that allow customers to conserve water and detect leaks in their water systems.

The Mobility Division is centered around mobility project management. The Traffic Team is responsible for roadway safety that includes signal operation, school zones and crosswalks. The division also works with regional partners in an effort to improve mobility.

The Facilities Division is responsible for all preventative maintenance on City buildings and structures. The team oversees almost 1 million gross square feet of infrastructure such as buildings and parking garages. They also coordinate project management for capital renovations and assist in planning future buildings.

The Administrative and Engineering Division oversees the planning, design and construction of the Capital Improvement Program, as well as identifies, manages and oversees infrastructure projects in Southlake.

Visit our website for more information about the Public Works Department.

Planning for Mobility Takes a Team

Teamwork makes the dream work and behind the roads, infrastructure and construction projects stands a diverse team of experts dedicated to enhancing mobility initiatives in our community.

Southlake’s Traffic Management Division team was created to respond to current and future transportation needs as well as address regional traffic traveling through the city.

With DFW’s 2040 population projected to be more than 10 million and Southlake’s buildout population at 34,000, mobility strategies must be in place to recognize and address the regional traffic coming through the city.

This division works with regional partners TxDOT, NCTCOG, Tarrant County and the neighboring cities of Grapevine, Colleyville, Keller and Westlake for mobility projects. The team also works closely with the City’s Office of Traffic Management, a cross-departmental employee group assigned to improve driver, pedestrian and bicycle safety in Southlake.

By implementing the City’s strategic plans and working with outside agencies to focus on mobility concerns for current and future travelers, the Traffic Management Division continues to make mobility better and safer for Southlake and the region.

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How ADA Compliant Facilities help Contribute to Mobility

Generally, when people think of mobility topics, traffic, sidewalks and pedestrians are the first things that come to mind. However, mobility expands to providing a safe and accessible community for everyone through the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Being ADA compliant is not limited to providing sidewalks or curb ramps, it also includes physical access to facilities.

A building such as Town Hall provides several ADA accommodations.

Ramps with handrails are located on the south end of the building and handicap accessible parking is also available on all four sides.  When you enter Town Hall, you will notice double doors and wider hallways for visitors to move along with ease and adequate space. Town Hall also has an elevator to access all floors. All office suites feature braille signage to assist in building navigation.

These features allow for everyone to move independently throughout Town Hall. The Southlake 2030 Mobility Master Plan refers to implementing and promoting a mobility system that addresses safety, design, comfort, aesthetics and functionality, which all play a key role in how everyone navigates throughout our community.

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Vehicle Preparedness – How to Prepare for Cold Weather

Fall is here! With the cooler temperatures, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is weather ready!

Temperature changes can have an adverse effect on your vehicle. One of the most important impacts to your vehicle this time of year is changes to tire pressure.

As temperatures drop, the air inside tires can contract, which causes lower air pressure in the tire. Examining tire pressure can help prevent flat tires or uneven wear, which ultimately keeps you and your passengers safe while traveling.

Another checkbox to complete this time of year is the battery. By keeping the battery clean and free of corrosion, you can avoid the car from stalling at start up or the battery dying.

The last and final tip is to check your fluids regularly. Low temperatures can cause fluids such as oil, antifreeze and transmission fluid to thicken. The best way to prevent this from occurring is to start your vehicle and let it warm up a few minutes before you hit the road.

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Traffic Conditions – Know Before You Go

Over the last few weeks, traffic has significantly increased on the roadways. People are slowly returning to work and school, and businesses are working towards increasing capacity.

If you would like to know the status of traffic conditions before you hit the road, visit the website. The home page features a Waze map that displays traffic conditions in real time to help you prepare for your trip. The map features an array of conditions from major and minor accidents to road hazards, construction and lane closures. Weather conditions such as flooding, ice on the roadway, fog and freezing rain are also listed.

The map serves as a resource for those who would like to know traffic conditions ahead of time so they can plan their routes accordingly and prepare for a safe trip.

Taking proactive measures not only helps you reach your destination in a timely manner, it also helps to decrease anxiety and possible collisions when operating in high traffic areas.

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N. White Chapel Project Continues with Storm Drainage Improvements

Work on N. White Chapel is progressing and still on track.

Storm drainage infrastructure construction for east and west Chapel Downs continues. Work on the storm drainage improvements under N. White Chapel are set to take place along the southbound lane as soon as the temporary road construction is complete to support shifting traffic off of the existing southbound lane.

Recently, contractors have been working to install the road base to support the temporary road construction along the east side of N. White Chapel. Temporary asphalt will begin to be laid on this road base soon and this will allow us to shift both lanes of traffic east and open up the existing southbound lane for demolition and the installation of the storm drainage improvements in this area. The temporary road construction was designed to allow ample room to maintain the turn lanes and existing lane widths throughout construction so that impacts to traffic can be minimized.

Construction of the retaining and screening walls will continue through the fall.

Construction for the N. White Chapel widening project is estimated to be completed by Spring 2022 for an estimated total cost of $17 million.

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How You Can Help the Southlake Mobility Team for Back to School

As school staff and kids prepare to head back to school, the Southlake Mobility Team is preparing for a safe return for commuters and pedestrians.

The team plans to install crosswalk signs at Carroll Avenue and Continental Boulevard a week before school begins. Message board signs will also be placed to notify drivers and pedestrians to expect some delays due to the increase in school traffic.

Together, we can ensure pedestrian safety in Southlake. Here are four things you can do to help with pedestrian safety:

  1. Stop and wait for pedestrians to cross the street.
  2. Pay attention to all signs and signals.
  3. Refrain from texting or listening to music while navigating crosswalks.
  4. Be alert at all times.

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Southlake Mobility Team Prepares for Back to School with Zone Flasher Testing

Although schools may not open for in-person classes until the end of the month, the Southlake Mobility Team is working ahead to ensure that school zones are safe and ready for our young pedestrians.

Starting next week, crews will be testing school zone flashers in all school zones for Carroll ISD schools, Florence Elementary in Keller ISD and the Clariden School.

School zone speed limits can reduce the risk and severity of crashes for students in vehicles and walking to school. Testing ensures that all the devices are visible and are operating in conjunction with school arrival and dismissal times.

Since school will not be in session, citations will not be issued for motorists not heeding the school zone speed limit during the testing period. Tests will take place August 17 – 21.

Please note that for Carroll High School, the school zone speed limit may be displayed on signs only and without flashing beacons during the construction of the additional lanes on N. White Chapel Boulevard.

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