Monday, November 29, 2021

Carroll Students Study Election Process

Carroll ISD faculty weaved this year’s Presidential Election into classroom curriculum. Many Social Studies teachers from elementary through high school campuses hosted mock elections and special activities.

Carroll Middle School teacher Rebecca Colvin said the school’s Social Studies teachers prepared a 2-day lesson focused on the election process. On Monday, Nov. 5 the entire student body cast their vote for President during Social Studies class periods. Students were  designated a precinct to vote within the school. On Tuesday, Nov. 6 teachers and students discussed the electoral college in class and the results of the popular vote. Each Social Studies teacher was designated a “state” in the electoral college and based on their students’ popular votes, cast their electoral votes accordingly.

“We are doing it this way to help the students understand the difference between the popular vote and the electoral vote and to get a better grasp on how the presidency is decided,” Colvin said.

Students at Carroll Senior High School cast their vote for President inside the new Art Building on campus. Senior students assisted with the mock election polls.

At the elementary level, Johnson, Rockenbaugh and Carroll Elementary all hosted their own mock elections. Students were able to cast a ballot and receive a special “I Voted, Kids Count” sticker. Old Union Elementary students went with their classes to the school’s cafetorium to cast their vote.

“We are trying to model it as close as we can to a real election,” said Principal Jon Fike. “They (students) will get a login number, vote on the computer and get an “I Voted” sticker.”

Voting among students was strong at Eubanks Intermediate School. Social Studies teacher Katherine Sparks led her classes in the “Every Kid Counts!” mock election at Students voted during class and tracked the results online.