Thursday, October 6, 2022

Town Hall Longhorn, Moonicipal, is taking a vacation

The City of Southlake’s whimsical life-size longhorn, Moonicipal, is getting a touch up. Don’t worry, Moonicipal is expected to return by Christmas! This cultural attraction will be refurbished at the home of Southlake artist, Jane Flury.

Flury first painted Moonicipal, a fiberglass longhorn, in 2006 as a part of The Southlake Stampede art event in honor of the City of Southlake’s 50th year anniversary. Southlake Stampede was a public art event with the mission of providing fun, family oriented public art to showcase throughout Southlake.

Moonicipal is covered in scenes of Southlake and was painted to represent the original landmarks of the city. Flury noted how she wanted to incorporate all the different aspects of Southlake onto the 3D art canvas with her own personal touches.-

“Town Square is on one side and on the other side, I wanted to highlight the high school and the more rural areas of our community. Also, if you look, I painted my house on the bottom. Moonicipal became a part of my family and I wanted to leave our mark.” said Flury. “When I started this project in 2006, I was excited and I’m still as excited as I was then.”

For more information about Public Art in Southlake, contact Southlake Community Services at (817) 748-8019.