Saturday, December 2, 2023

Roundabout coming to Peytonville Avenue and Sam School Road

Proposed new roundabout at Sam School Road/North Peytonvill Avenue

Proposed new roundabout at Sam School Road/North Peytonville Avenue

Beginning this summer, significant roadway work will begin in the area of Sam School Road, North Peytonville Avenue and West Dove Road.

Centurion American, the developer of the proposed Southlake Meadows subdivision, will be realigning Sam School Road with North Peytonville Avenue in preparation for construction of a new roundabout at Sam School Road, Dove Road and North Peytonville Avenue.

Currently, there is significant traffic congestion in the vicinity of the intersection of North Peytonville Avenue and West Dove Road during the peak AM and peak PM hours (primarily related to school traffic).

This project addresses current the traffic backup at South Peytonville Avenue and Dove Road as well as Sam School Road and Dove Road. Long term, the project will address the traffic expected from future developments in this area of the City.

The timing of the construction – during the summer months when school is out – was chosen to provide minimal impact to the driving public. However, the City will be working closely with the developer to provide residents and motorists regular updates on road closures or other traffic impacts as the project gets underway.

Please make sure to visit the City’s website and social media sites for up to date information about this, and other projects happening in Southlake.

For questions about this project, please contact Alex Ayala, P.E. at 817-748-8274.