Plans to continue to improve sidewalks and mobility in Southlake are in the works!

As a part of the Turn Lanes Project, contractors will install 100 feet of additional sidewalk at the Byron Nelson Parkway site starting in Spring 2023.

Road reconstruction on Southlake Boulevard is set to follow. In a recent traffic study, contractors discovered the traffic flow was heavily impacted by motorists turning right onto Southridge Lakes and Byron Nelson Parkway.

To ease congestion and improve mobility, plans to construct deceleration lanes on Southlake Boulevard at the Southridge Lakes Parkway and Byron Nelson Parkway right-turn sections will take place. Construction is set to start in Spring 2023.

The sidewalk located on N. Peytonville Avenue will also receive a mini makeover. Contractors will close the sidewalk gap and connect the sidewalk on the northeast corner of the intersection starting in Spring 2023.

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