Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Carroll Hosts Athlete Signing Day Event

Carroll Senior High School will host a National Letter of Intent Signing ceremony Wednesday in the Student Activity Center.

The ceremony will begin at 8:15 a.m. and a reception will follow. Guest speakers will be CSHS principal Shawn Duhon and Carroll ISD athletic director Kevin Ozee. Eighteen student athletes will be sign scholarships. Family, friends and the community are invited to attend.

Athlete Name                       Sport              University
Kelley D. Anderson             Tennis            Baylor University
Christen Sikora                    Volleyball      Furman University
Cat McCoy                             Volleyball      University of Texas
Katie Martin                         Volleyball      St. Edwards University
Kori Ortiz                              Volleyball      University of Arkansas
Timarie Nymeyer                 Volleyball      University of Northern Colorado
Connor Harryman               Lacrosse        Bellarnine University
Lauren Crown                      Diving            Texas A&M University
Larkin Papa                           Diving            Princeton University
Alexa Wimberly                   Softball          Arkansas Tech University
Alex Schneider                     Softball          Texas Tech
Lauren Heintzelman           Softball          University of Virginia
Lauren Neumann                Lacrosse        St. Mary’s College
Joseph Heineman                Baseball         University of Arkansas – Little Rock
Emily Gibson                        Swimming     TCU
Jonathan Roberts                Swimming     University of Texas
Garrett Hale                          Baseball         Abilene Christian University
Gretchen Morrison              Basketball     Jacksonville State