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New Trash and Recycling Contract Takes Effect October 1

New automated recycling trucks in Republic's fleet.

On October 1, 2013, the new waste collection contract with Republic Waste Services will take effect. New service changes include enhanced recycling services that not only increase the ease and efficiency of the existing recycling program, but give residents more opportunities to recycle.

Throughout the month of September, Republic delivered new 95-gallon carts to all Southlake residents. These carts are for recycling only and will be used with Republic’s new fleet of energy-efficient trucks equipped with robotic arms to more efficiently collect recycling. Beginning October 1, Republic will only collect recycling from the new carts. Residents should place the new carts with the wheels to the curb and front facing the street, at least three feet from mailboxes or fences, and five feet from vehicles by 7a.m. on their recycling day. This will ensure that the trucks will be able to safely pick up the carts and that cart lids will open and close properly, preventing debris or collection of rain.

Assistant to the City Manager, Caroline Eckel reminds everyone, “Residents are free to keep their smaller bins if they choose and use them inside their homes. However, if they prefer to dispose of them, they can just place them inside the new carts, and Republic will pick them up.”

Eckel, who is also the City’s liaison to Republic adds that the use of the new carts and this transition to automated recycling is a response to requests the City received from previous citizen satisfaction surveys and community members who have expressed an interest in larger recycling containers. While many residents enjoy the flexibility that the 95 gallon cart provides, for some the carts are too large for their individual needs. For those residents, the City does have an option available for a smaller 65 gallon cart. To request the smaller cart, residents can contact the City’s main phone line at 817-748-8400.

The rate adjustment is also scheduled to take place October 1, 2013. As part of the new contract, the rate—reflected on water bills, will increase by $1.38 per month, from $12.85 to $14.23. This new rate includes trash collection two times per week, automated recycling collection once each week, bagged grass collection, curbside leaf recycling, a household hazardous waste collection events, bulk collection, and bundled brush collection.

For more information about the City’s Garbage and Recycling services, please visit