Monday, March 20, 2023

New Recycling Carts Will Begin to Roll Out on September 9

Residents were notified in July that this fall the City of Southlake will introduce enhanced recycling services through Republic Waste Services. Many of the changes include additions and improvements that not only increase the ease and efficiency of the current recycling program, but give residents more opportunities to recycle.

The automated recycling collection system is new to residential collection in Southlake. Republic Waste Services is equipped with a new fleet of trucks using attached robotic arms to more efficiently collect recycling. This new system allows for the use of large cart receptacles with wheels which will be provided to residents free of cost.

Residents should be on the lookout for their new rolling recycling carts to be delivered to their homes by Republic Waste Services beginning September 9 between 8a.m. and 5p.m. each day. Delivery will begin with the Monday collection area. Upon completion of this area deliveries will continue in the following order: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Please be aware that carts will not necessarily be delivered on the same day as recycling is collected.

Republic Waste Services will be using the Southlake Public Works Operations Center, at 1950 E Continental Boulevard, to assemble the new recycling carts. Therefore, residents of the South Hollow neighborhood and those residing south of the center on Woodsy Court and Timberline Court should be aware of increased truck traffic during assembly and delivery of the new carts.

Upon receipt of these new carts, residents should begin use immediately. The existing bins may be kept by residents for personal, in-home use or be placed in the new cart for pickup by Republic.

To ensure recycling pick up, residents should be sure to place their new carts on the curb with facing front and at least 5 feet away from all vehicles and 3 feet away from other objects—including their trash cart, mailboxes, and trees.

The current monthly rate is $12.85. To provide residents with the enhanced service opportunities, the monthly rate will increase to $14.23. This new rate, which takes effect October 1, will not change trash pickup dates or frequencies. Residents will continue to see trash collection two times per week, bagged grass collection, curbside leaf recycling, a household hazardous waste collection event, bulk collection, bundled brush collection, and automated recycling collection once each week.

For more information about the City’s Garbage and Recycling services, please visit