Saturday, March 2, 2024

Meet Champions Club’s Registered Dietician

Champions Club is all about creating world-class experiences that expand beyond physical wellness to nutritional wellness!


If you’re struggling to find the right nutritional balance, then working with a registered dietitian is the way to go. Luckily for our members, we have one available! Let’s get to know our Registered Dietitian, Lindsey Ray!


“I began my career as a Registered Dietitian in 2009 and specialized in weight management, sports nutrition, and gut health. I have been recognized as a top dietitian in Dallas & Austin due to my unique approach to nutrition coaching. I strive to help clients break free from food guilt, feeling restricted, and yo-yo dieting. I treat every client like family, taking the time to truly understand their obstacles to healthy eating. I design sustainable, personalized plans clients are excited to follow. I work with teens, adults, seniors, families & couples. Whether you are just starting to think about healthier changes or are a competitive athlete, I can help you succeed. When I’m not working, I enjoy weightlifting, indoor cycling, and traveling with my husband & four kids.”


Take the guesswork out of your nutritional regimen and get personalized advice, calorie and macronutrient targets, recipe recommendations, individualized meal plans, and more!


Learn more about Lindsey’s services and click here to book your consultation today!

Kids Learn to Cook with the Chefsville Pre-K Cooking Class

Nothing like the smell of your favorite food cooking in the kitchen to bring back memories.

The Community Services Department aims to create lifelong memories for your family, and the Chefsville Pre-K Cooking Class is no exception! This innovative new program introduces kids to the world of cooking by teaching them fundamental life skills like kitchen safety and how to complete a recipe. Participants use simple math, explore world culture, and put their fine motor skills to use while creating a tasty treat to enjoy with friends.

Teaching young children to cook is crucial to creating healthy life-long habits. Children who participate in the kitchen contribute to the family chores and are also more likely to develop healthy eating patterns throughout their life. Introducing kids to cooking is a delicious way to bond with the family, pass down traditions, and explore creativity.

The Community Services Department always seeks to provide quality programming for community members of all ages. If your child enjoyed this program, don’t miss out other opportunities to instill a love of cooking in your little one. More Chefsville Pre-K Cooking Classes will be available on May 4 and May 18. We won’t let the young kids have all the fun, however! Check out the Teen IncrEDIBLES Cooking Class for ages 12-16 on May 1 and May 15. Learning to cook can be a family affair! Click here to register.

Make sure to keep an eye out on our website and social media pages to stay on top of all our upcoming events. We’re constantly cooking up new ways to bring a smile to your face. Bon Appetit!

The Southlake Senior Center is offering great seminars in March

During the month of March, the Southlake Senior Activity Center will be hosting several informative seminars at The Marq Southlake. Here is a list of the seminars and their topics:

Tuesday, March 8: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM – Health and Nutrition Seminar/ Learn Then Lunch (Registration Required) Healthy Living to 100, presented by Dr. Parkhill

Tuesday, March 15: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM – Legal Seminar / Learn Then Lunch (Registration Required) Ways to avoid probate, presented by the McGee Law Firm

Friday, March 18: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM – History Seminar / Snack & Chat (Registration Required) Civil War lecture, presented by Professor Chad Wooley from Tarrant Community College, followed by a question and answer session

For more information on this and other events at the Senior Center, visit or call 817.748.8315.


CISD Launches New and Improved Lunch Options

Carroll ISD is announcing a new change that will begin this school year in cafeterias across the district. The Carroll Child Nutrition Program goes the extra mile to make school meals healthy and enticing for all students. Dragons will continue to enjoy well-balanced, nutritious meals on the menu, but will now be provided with more choices.

The cafeteria staff at Carroll schools works diligently every day to provide delicious and nourishing meals to any student in the district who wishes to purchase a lunch. Everything is cooked from scratch along with an assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables. According to Director of Child Nutrition Services Mary Brunig, it is the district’s hope for every student to come through the cafeteria line and see healthy food that they love to eat.

Her department lives by the motto, “They need to eat to learn; they need to learn to eat.” Brunig highlights the importance of food that sustains children throughout the school day to be successful in the classroom. She notes that students in Carroll ISD are highly active and require a hearty, well-balanced meal; the new policy will provide just that.

Parents and students in the Carroll community have voiced their concerns in the past regarding the restrictive lack of options in cafeterias. After conducting research including multiple surveys of students in the district, Carroll ISD responded to an overwhelming support of a trial one-year suspension of the National School Lunch Program.

Suspending the National SLP will allow Carroll more flexibility in making menu enhancements. Healthy options will continue to be a top priority. The Board of Trustees approved the move by a 6-0 vote in June. Brunig expects that with the change, more students will enjoy partaking in lunches provided by school cafeterias. She also anticipates that students will be happier with a greater number of healthy choices and less will food go to waste.

The biggest change that students in grades K-8 will see is the increased options of beverages when ordering a plate lunch. Instead of only offering milk, cafeterias will now be able to offer Dragons a choice of milk, juice or bottled water along with their plate lunch. “Not every child wants to drink milk with their lunch,” Brunig states from experience. With the new program, Dragons will now be able to choose what they want with fewer restrictions.

The change in the Carroll Child Nutrition Program will be a new implementation at every K-8 Carroll campus. Carroll Senior and Carroll High Schools have never participated in the National School Lunch Program.

Prices will slightly increase as is the national trend with other school districts. At the elementary and intermediate campuses, a hot-plate lunch will be provided for $2.75 which is an increase of 25 cents. These PK-6 campuses have not seen an increase of prices since 2009. At the middle and high school campuses, the charge will be $3 which is also a 25 cent increase. These four campuses haven’t increased lunch prices since 2004. Pricing of a la carte food items will only see minor adjustments in the coming school year. No price adjustments will be made for students who receive free or reduced-price lunches.

Brunig extends an invitation to every Dragon parent who wishes to visit a campus to dine with their child for lunch at the price of $3.