These enhancements are a part of the Southlake 2030 Parks, Recreation and Open Space/Community Facilities Master Plan. The City anticipates substantial completion of this project by October 31, weather and external conditions permitting.

The project is divided into three areas. The first area includes irrigation and turfing of the large field west of the existing in-line hockey rink. The second area consists of the renovation and expansion of the in-line hockey rink and addition of synthetic turf. The existing restroom building will be repurposed into a storage facility. The third area includes the placement of safety netting at the 60/90 baseball field to protect pedestrians from foul balls.

The irrigation project at the large field west of the in-line hockey rink has been completed and the repurposing and renovation of the existing restroom facility is on schedule. Poles have been placed for the foul ball netting, with installation on the horizon.

The City of Southlake is working to improve the standard of living and keep Southlake special for our residents with a variety of projects from streets and other critical services to parks. For more information about the 2030 Parks, Recreation and OpenSpace/Community Facilities Master Plan, click here.

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