Explorer Pipeline Company will be constructing a new fuel storage facility on a 16 acre property located in the southeast portion of the City addressed as 2200 Mustang Ct., Southlake, Texas. The location of the new fuel storage tank will be south of the E. Continental Boulevard and Crooked Lane roadway intersection and within the existing Southlake fuel farm.

In 1992, City Council approved a Specific Use Permit and Site Plan for Explorer Pipeline to allow the location of petroleum operations on this property. The approval of the site plan allowed two (2) existing fuel storage tanks to remain in place at this location and permitted the construction of (4) new storage tanks. This is the first fuel storage tank that Explorer Pipeline has constructed since the 1992 approval. In addition to this new fuel storage tank, Energy Pipeline has the right to construct 3 additional new tanks at this location. However, at this time there are no plans to construct any additional tanks beyond the single new tank being installed.


The construction of the new tank will result in the removal of the tree cover in this general vicinity. “The 1992 Specific Use Permit and Site Plan approval took place before adoption of the City’s first Tree Preservation Ordinance,” Senior Director of Planning and Development Ken Baker said. “Therefore the 1992 site plan approval was not subject to the tree preservation standards or requirements that are in place today.”

Currently, the City is reviewing the technical building plans for the fuel storage facility and it is expected that the plans will be approved soon by the City and construction may begin as soon as this summer. Any road closures or traffic delays due to construction related traffic will be announced on Southlake Mobility.

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