Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Recent Dragon CompSci Results

Carroll ISD Computer Science Teacher, Linda Woessner, announced the results of last weekend’s Plano Computer Science Invitational.

The competition included 36 teams from across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. With more than 100 students competing, the Dragon CompSci team walked away with multiple awards.


  • 2nd Place Advanced Individual: Reid Long
  • 4th Place Novice Individual: Matt Kendzior
  • 4th Place Advanced Team: Reid Long, Zech Hein, and Erik Andrup
  • 5th Place Advanced Team : Danielle Brown and Abbas Ally (Edged out in a tie-breaker)
  • 2nd Place Novice Team: Jake Rowland, Matt Prost, and Zach Froehlich
  • 3rd Place Novice Team: Ellie Miller, Anjie Liang, and Vinay Soni

For several students, this was their first ever competition. Those students were, Jon Brosnan, Vinay Soni, Matt Prost and Zach Froehlich.