Thursday, June 30, 2022

Can’t Play Today

It’s easy to understand when it’s raining and storming outside why games are canceled and playing fields are closed, but why is it closed when it’s sunny outside?

There are many things considered when the decision is made to close a playing field. “Safety is our top priority when deciding to close a practice or game field,” says Mike Reasoner, parks manager, “Beyond the weather, we also look at the field after it rains for standing water, how wet the ground is, and if there are any slick spots.”

During the week, the decision to close a field is made by 3:00 PM and updated here. If a final decision for the weekend field closures is not made by Friday at 3:00 PM, the Parks team will keep checking the field conditions and weather and make decisions on field closures as needed.

Along with the website, the City Field Closure Line (817) 748-8028 is also updated with field closure information. When looking for field closure information on the weekends, please call that number because the website is only updated Monday-Friday.

For more information, please visit the Rainout Policy page on the City of Southlake website or call Parks and Recreation department at (817) 748-8019.