Thursday, May 26, 2022

Arrests Made in Mail Theft Case

police badge

Southlake Police have made an arrest in connection with a recent mail theft case.

In March, several residents of Southlake reported having their mail stolen. Although there was no suspect information and no witnesses, the case was assigned to Southlake Police Detective J Sutton. Detective Sutton began tracing the use of stolen credit cards and was able to obtain video from merchants where the stolen credit cards were being used. He was then able to secure a search warrant for a residence in Watauga, where several hundred pieces of mail were located.

Arrest warrants were then obtained for 27 year old William Maglico and 25 year old Erica Gibson. Both suspects were arrested for Fraudulent Use of Identifying Information and were interviewed by Detectives. They are still in custody at the Tarrant County Jail. A total of 21 cases of mail theft in Southlake were cleared by Detective Sutton’s investigation.

Southlake Police Detectives continue to work the case in cooperation with the US Postal Inspector. We would like to remind everyone to try to remove mail from your mailbox daily, and contact the Southlake Police Department at 817-743-4522 to report suspicious activity.