Saturday, August 20, 2022

Presidential Reads

Executive PriviledgeFeeling like a bit of political intrigue and suspense?  Here are a few candidates for you to check out at the Southlake Library.

The President’s Assassin – by Brian Haig
Political Thriller. In his 5th appearance, military lawyer Sean Drummond has just accepted a job with the CIA, where he gets involved with the investigation into the murder of the White House Chief of Staff. If that weren’t bad enough, the unknown killer has threatened to assassinate the President in just three days. Like Vince Flynn’s similarly committed counter-terrorism agent Mitch Rapp, lawyer Sean Drummond marches to the beat of his own drummer, and the fast-paced action and behind-the-scenes atmosphere make for a rousing ride as the clock winds inexorably down.
First Chapter

A Devil Is Waiting – by Jack Higgins
Spy Fiction. A top level Al Qaeda leader in London has just publicly declared that he will bless anyone who kills Western leaders, including the soon-to-arrive U.S. president. Aligned against this sudden new (and widespread) threat are counter-terrorism agents Sean Dillon and Daniel Holley, General Charles Ferguson, and the rest of the “Prime Minister’s private army,” including a new intelligence recruit, the beautiful and talented Sara Gideon. Though this 17th entry in the Sean Dillon series is set mostly in England, the action moves to New York and Afghanistan as several intelligence agencies move to neutralize the threat. Because the series has evolved over time, you may be confused if you’ve skipped a few books; to start at the beginning, pick up Eye of the Storm.

Executive Privilege – by Phillip Margolin
Suspense Fiction. How’s this for a premise: the sitting U.S. president, who’s fighting for reelection, might be a serial killer. Private detective Dana Cutler witnessed an assignation between the president and a young woman; the next day, the woman’s mutilated body is found, possibly the victim of a killer stalking the streets of D.C. known as “the D.C. Ripper.” Meanwhile, on the West Coast, a junior lawyer uncovers a link between a long-ago murder and the current president. Coincidence? Is the president in fact a serial killer? Or is someone else protecting his serial philandering? While some readers may find it a bit hard to believe, most will be rewarded with a fast-paced, twisty read.

The First Commandment – by Brad Thor
Thriller. U.S. president Jack Rutledge has violated the first commandment of war: he has negotiated with terrorists. One of the Guantanamo detainees released in this “negotiation” is now systematically attacking series hero Scot Harvath’s friends and family. Though Scot doesn’t know why they’re being attacked, and his president has forbidden him to retaliate, he can’t sit idly by while his loved ones are decimated. His global search for truth makes for a “violent, shoot-’em-up pulse pounder” (Publishers Weekly) that will have you finishing The First Commandment and reaching for the next in the series, The Last Patriot (6th & 7th, respectively, in a series that now numbers 11 — Black List was published earlier this year).