Sunday, May 29, 2022

Southlake Police Department Promotions

Lieutenant Randy Thomas

Lieutenant Randy Thomas

The Southlake Police Department is celebrating several promotions this week. Sergeant Randy Thomas is being promoted to Lieutenant, Corporal Karl Moore to the rank of Sergeant and Officer Brian Fitzgerald to the rank of Corporal.

Lieutenant Thomas has been in law enforcement for thirteen years – twelve of them with the City of Southlake. Thomas says he landed his first job as a police officer with the Chesapeake, Virginia Police Department. “I truly believe this was my calling and I believe a higher power helped guide me to a career in law enforcement. I love every aspect of the job especially when I am able to influence someone to change their lives for the better,” said Thomas.

Thomas has served as a Field Training Officer and mentored many new police officers. He has twelve years in patrol, ten of those years on the night shift where he gained a lot of experience handling a variety of 9-1-1 calls. He will be able to use his vast experience and leadership skills as the new Patrol Lieutenant.

Officer Brian Fitzgerald, who moves up the ranks to Corporal, has been a Southlake Police Officer for six years. Prior to law enforcement Officer Fitzgerald was a teacher and an administrator in Oklahoma and Texas. While he thoroughly enjoyed that experience Corporal Fitzgerald says, “I have always wanted to become a Police Officer for as long as I can remember. It was a great ten years in education but I love law enforcement even more.” Corporal Fitzgerald is also an FTO and likes being a part of training the new police recruits.  “I love the diversity of the job and the problem-solving; and especially having the opportunity to help someone through a crisis,” he said.

Corporal Brian Fitzgerald

Corporal Brian Fitzgerald

Corporal Fitzgerald says that Lieutenant Thomas has had the biggest impact on his law enforcement career.  “He was one of my Field Training Officers when I started and has always given me great advice when I needed it,” said Fitzgerald.

Karl Moore will assume his new role as sergeant this week.  He has thirty years in law enforcement, nearly nineteen of them with the City of Southlake.  Before coming to Southlake, Sgt. Moore worked with the Detroit Police Department for approximately twelve years. Detroit is where he grew up and where he met his wife.  He says, “She was from Texas and wanted to move back home so, we made the move and Texas became my home too.”

Sergeant Karl Moore

Sergeant Karl Moore

Sergeant Moore said he never thought about becoming a police officer until he entered college.  He took criminal justice classes and decided law enforcement was for him. He started with Detroit P.D. and loved his newfound career. He handled many different types of calls including: murders, assaults, shootings and robberies. “I like working with the community and solving problems, as well as conducting complex investigations. My experience paid off during my time as an investigator in the SLPD Criminal Investigation Division or CID,” said Sgt. Moore.  He was one of the investigators handling the murder case in Town Square. “Due to the depth and complexity of the investigation it was the most interesting case of my career to date,” said Moore.   

Chief James Brandon says, “I am looking forward to the impact that these leaders will have as we continue to grow and further our goals as a department.  Our future is bright, and these three individuals will have a significant role in ensuring that we can provide the highest level of service possible to the citizens of Southlake.” 

Congratulations to you all!

Congratulations to New Police Officers and Firefighter/Paramedics!

Congratulations to our new Southlake Police Officers and Firefighters who officially took the Oath of Office during a special ceremony last night! Ten officers and six Firefighter/Paramedics were sworn in.  Our new City of Southlake Police Officers are: Robert Briggs, Terry Carpenter, Weston Wood, Jody Jones, David Tatsak, Connor Haller, Preston Logan, Christopher Melton, Casey Pentecost and Andrew Davis. New Firefighters/Paramedics are:  Jody Keeler, Daniel Massengale, Jay Nunnaly, Andrew Beggs, Daniel Lyons and Cole Wilson. 

The ceremony was very moving as family members personally pinned each officer and firefighter with their new badges.  City Manager Shana K. Yelverton welcomed everyone to the special occasion. Ms. Yelverton said each new member of Police and Fire Services exemplify the City’s five core values of Integrity, Innovation, Accountability, Commitment to Excellence and Teamwork.  She added, “Tonight you are becoming a part of a proud tradition, one that stretches back several decades and one that will be here for many years to come. We are honored to welcome you into our family.”

Southlake City councilmembers also attended the ceremony and Mayor Pro Tem Brandon Bledsoe also spoke at the event and congratulated the new officers and firefighters. Councilmember Bledsoe said, “You are joining the ranks of a very dedicated group of individuals who work each and every day to make the City of Southlake the best place to live and work.”

Police Chief Stephen Mylett personally addressed his new officers and their families saying, “Being a Police Officer is a calling.  One that asks not only for personal sacrifice but also sacrifices from family members; knowing that loved ones are the first line of defense for the citizens of Southlake and also accepting that the job oftentimes calls for long hours away from home.”  He added, “We are grateful to the dedication of our officers but to your dedication as well.”  Chief Mylett also promoted two senior members of the department; Sergeant Robert McAmis to Police Lieutenant and Corporal Rick Salas to Police Sergeant.

Fire Chief Mark Starr also spoke to the new group of firefighters saying, “You have worked hard and passed all of the tests set before you and you are now officially part of our Fire Services family.  We are honored to have you as part of our team!” Chief Starr also promoted four senior members of Fire Services including: David Barnes to Deputy Fire Chief, Ryan Arthur to EMS/Hazmat Lieutenant, Trey Porter to Fire Lieutenant and Bryan Thomas to Driver/Engineer.

A reception for the new officers and firefighters and their families immediately followed the ceremony. Congratulations again to everyone!