The City of Southlake is getting ready to kick off Public Works Week 2023 with an entire week dedicated to recognizing and celebrating their hard work! From May 21 to May 27, the city will honor the dedicated professionals who provide essential services that help keep Southlake safe, clean, and connected.

Have you ever stopped to think about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making the city function smoothly? From providing safe drinking water to ensuring our roads are well-maintained, our Public Works Team plays a vital role in keeping our community functioning every day including when emergencies arise.

“So many times in emergency situations, whether it be winter storms, spring storms, or other emergencies such as the DalDen fires, Public Works personnel have stepped in and assisted the police and fire as first responders just as well, so they deserve that recognition for everything that they do to help out other departments in our city,” said Deputy Director of Public Works Jack Thompson.

Texas has experienced a few storms, from snow to hail, within the last couple of years. The city's Public Works Operations and Emergency Management Operations team created a strategy to address these crises, currently known as the Rapid Response Team Trailer.

The trailer is equipped with adaptable emergency equipment for various situations and is available for use at any moment. The emergency tools include tree and debris removal/management, shovels, ropes, and traffic management devices.

“Our department works across many systems and departments,” said Thompson, “Our work is essential and the foundation of keeping the city running.”

This week, residents can also get in on the fun and meet our heroes behind the scenes with a Dump Truck Story Time event on Tuesday, May 23, at Rustin Park at 10 a.m., hosted by the Southlake Public Library.  Kids will get to take pictures with big trucks and enjoy a fun book.

“Every day, we have clean drinking water, clear roads and pathways, and drainage systems, we have our Public Works team to thank for that. They are also the first to arrive on the scene in an emergency,” said Thompson.

If you see our guys out on the streets. Give them a thumbs up!

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