Community Services staff learned last Friday that The Marq Southlake won the 2022 Texas Recreation and Parks Society (TRAPS) Recreation Facility Design Award at the State level!

The Department submitted The Marq Southlake for consideration in November. According to the TRAPS committee, “The awards committee had many wonderful entries to score, and it was a difficult task. Your nomination stood out above the rest to exemplify commitment and dedication in the field of recreation. We are honored to present this award to you and for your commitment to excellence in all that you do in your daily pursuits.”

The Marq Southlake serves as the City’s premier destination for family recreation, leisure, and communal gatherings. Almost two decades in the making, The Marq is the realization of a multi-year development dream to provide Southlake residents with a recreational oasis from the hustle and bustle of the DFW metroplex. When you enter The Marq, be it from the Legends Hall side or the Champions Club side, you immediately feel a sense of belonging. There is no better place for the community to come together, celebrate life’s most joyous occasions, participate in innovative programs, and make life-long memories.

The Marq's positive impact on the Southlake community is monumental. The Marq Southlake has become the heart of recreational programming in the City since opening its doors in 2015 for Phase 1. The facility is bustling with activity in the early mornings. Senior Citizens arrive for daily socialization while Champions Club's early birds hit the treadmill. The Marq transforms in the afternoon as seniors leave and school children arrive for after-school activities. Later in the evening, families and working professionals come to the Marq for social programs, meetings, exercise classes, and fitness. Weekends in Legends Hall consist of beautiful weddings and social events while Champions Club offers exciting programs for the whole family. The Marq is an example of what a modern multigenerational recreation center can be at its best.

Community Services staff is honored to receive this recognition from such esteemed industry partners! The Marq Southlake would not be what it is today without the input and support of various City departments, community partners, and residents.

The City of Southlake Community Services Department will receive this award on Thursday, February 17 at the TRAPS 2022 State Institute and Expo in College Station, TX. Congratulations to everyone that helped make The Marq Southlake the gem it is today!


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