Tuesday, August 16, 2022

4th Grader Sends Letter of Support to DPS

Supporters of Southlake’s Department of Public Safety come in all shapes and sizes and even ages. Yes, one of our newest fans is a 4th grader named Brie.  During a recent project at her school, students in her class were asked to choose a topic to write about.  Brie chose to write about the men and women of DPS who work every day to help others.  Her letter included some of the ways in which the City and police officers work together to help enforce traffic laws, firefighters who put out fires and emergency medical responders who rescue people and also help to save lives.

Her letter to Police and Fire Services reveals a very smart young lady.  Brie talks about the importance of public safety for her and her family as well as for all residents and visitors to Southlake. Brie says, “I can’t imagine what would happen without you guys.  Thank you for saving lives!”

Brie, we want to “Thank you” for your support and for your letter.  It means a great deal to our officers and firefighters and to everyone who works to make Southlake a great City in which to live, work and play.