Register for Women’s Self Defense this summer to be prepared for the travel season.

Summer is just around the corner, and many are already planning excursions and adventures. Travel with ease this season by taking the Women’s Self Defense class at Champions Club. This class will teach women and girls 16 years or older how to defend themselves and stay safe from a standing or ground attack. The techniques you learn in this class will empower you and make you more of a Hard Target.

Everyone should be able to leave their house feeling safe. That’s why taking self-defense classes is beneficial for all. Not only will it make you feel more in control of your safety, but there are other health benefits to learning self-defense. Taking a self-defense class builds confidence in your abilities to protect yourself when necessary. An integral part of these classes is teaching you to be aware of your surroundings. If your summer plans include traveling to a new destination, or even going somewhere familiar, being aware of your surroundings will prepare you for unexpected circumstances.

Learning self-defense is not just helpful for protection. Any physical exercise class will have an abundance of advantages such as improving balance, physical conditioning, and building self-discipline. Continuing to practice the lessons you learn outside of class will improve your strength and strengthen your abilities to protect yourself. As you build your confidence and endurance, you will feel empowered to tackle any new situation.

Don’t miss your chance to take control of your safety. Learn to defend yourself while meeting new friends and empowering women to conquer the world with confidence. Register here.

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