The Southlake Senior Activity Center lost one of its oldest and most beloved members on December 25, 2021. Martha Watson Wood passed away last Christmas at the age of 106 years young. “We were really looking forward to celebrating her 107th birthday on our annual Valentine’s Day Luncheon in just two short months,” remarked Soheila Phelps, Southlake Senior Services Coordinator.

Ms. Martha lived a long and very fruitful life and was loved by all who knew her. She was born on February 13, 1915, in Humboldt, Tennessee. She had a sister named Clarissa and grew up in Columbus, Mississippi, where she attended high school. Martha attended college for two years and took Business courses. She primarily worked as a stenographer.

Ms. Martha married Joseph L. Wood in 1938 and lived in Greenville, Mississippi. They had an adopted daughter named Julie Ann. Joseph passed away in 1978, while Julie Ann lived until 2003. Martha's grandson, John, currently lives in Farmington, Arkansas.

A long-time resident, Martha moved to Southlake in July of 1993. She and her late sister lived in a house on her nephew’s property.

Martha was a well-rounded person. Her hobbies included playing the piano, reading, cooking, and visiting the Senior Center. Ms. Martha was a vital member of the Southlake Senior Activity Center’s Party Bridge group for many years. She enjoyed Italian food and loved sweets, especially chocolate. She jokingly considered herself a “chocoholic."

Senior Activity Center staff are heartbroken to know that Martha is gone but will lovingly remember her as a positive presence. “Ms. Martha’s loving attitude was contagious. She was a true Southern Lady; very proper and always carrying her note writings and gifts she used to call ‘the Little Happies.’ She will be deeply missed, and it was such a privilege to know her,” Soheila Phelps included.

Today, we honor her legacy and the lessons she taught our staff and her fellow Senior Center members. Her philosophy of life was to live a simple Christian life with unselfish love and care for others.

Rest in Peace, Ms. Martha. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her loving family and friends.

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