Sunday, May 29, 2022

City of Southlake Kicks Off Town Hall HVAC Upgrade Replacement Project

Beginning in the new year, the City of Southlake will begin a project to replace the existing HVAC equipment within Town Hall. The existing HVAC equipment is 20 years old and nearing the end of its lifespan. The new equipment will be more resilient to failure and will include a UV lighting disinfectant system, intended to kill airborne viruses, bacteria, mold and related harmful airborne substances.

The heavy project work will begin the first week of January 2021 and continue through spring 2021, but the timeline is subject to weather and a variety of other factors. Town Hall visitors may hear quite a bit of noise early in the project and may also notice some ceilings exposed and various construction equipment throughout the building. Caution tape and warning signage will be placed around construction areas.

Throughout these months, contractors will be working in the building seven days a week at a wide variety of hours, except for during Council/Board meetings. This is so the project can be expedited and completed by spring. During these months, staff asks guests to please avoid construction equipment and remain cautious when near working areas.

To move materials, one Town Hall elevator may be periodically reserved for construction use and lined with padding. When an elevator is reserved for construction use, please use the other elevator. Notices will be placed on corresponding elevators in these situations.

An equipment staging area will be set up on the west side of Town Hall. This will involve blocking off a section of parking in that area and putting up temporary construction fencing. Please avoid walking into the fencing area.

The project budget is an estimated $2 million to be funded through the Tax Increment Finance District Fund and Facility Maintenance Fund.

Council Approves Contract for Repairs at T.W. King Booster Station

The City continues aiming to achieve the highest standards of safety and security by investing in and maintaining quality public assets. City Council authorized expenditures at the November 19 council meeting to replace the existing 20 year old pump control valves, which will ensure critical operation of the T. W. Booster Station that is located at 3655 T.W. King Road.

This Booster Station is vital to the welfare of Southlake residents because it is utilized to deliver potable drinking water and also provides fire protection in case of an emergency.

Booster Stations increase low water pressure by pumping the water purchased from our Wholesale Provider to the water towers, then ultimately into a home or commercial facility.

The T.W. King Booster Station is one of Southlakes’ two points of entry from Fort Worth with the capacity to distribute approximately 17 million gallons of water per day.

The funds were set aside in the FY2020 Utility Fund and Water Operating budget to replace two 12-inch booster pump control valves along with providing additional repair services if needed. These replacements are necessary to provide adequate protection to the low-pressure plane to meet demand and supply of this area.

Services will be provided by Axis Construction, LP who is also required to provide emergency replacement of a broken beyond repair 16-inch surge anticipating valve with a standard Cla-Val brand valve. This valve helps alleviate any pressure surge the system may encounter due to a power failure.

The City always seeks a proactive solution to our infrastructure; by investing in our public assets strategically, the City can continue to provide the highest quality of life for our residents.

OBA for N. Carroll Ave.

On Tuesday October 24, 2017, Southlake Public Works Streets & Drainage will begin road repairs on North Carroll Avenue from Southlake Blvd. (FM 1709) to Federal Way.

Work will be performed between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to avoid peak periods of traffic. One lane north and southbound will remain open at all times with flaggers directing traffic.

Motorists can anticipate slow moving traffic and are asked to plan accordingly for additional travel times.

Weather permitting, work is expected to be completed Wednesday October 25, 2017.

We appreciate your cooperation. Please call Public Works Operations at (817) 748-8082 with any questions.

OBA for E. Continental Boulevard

On Wednesday October 25, Southlake Public Works Streets & Drainage will begin road work and repairs on a portion of E. Continental Boulevard.

The work will take place from the 1700 block through the 1900 blocks of E. Continental Blvd. between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to avoid peak traffic times.

One lane of E. Continental Blvd. will remain open at all times with flaggers directing traffic. Motorists can anticipate slow moving traffic and are asked to plan accordingly for additional travel times.

Weather permitting, construction is expected to be completed on Friday November 17, 2017.

Please contact Public Works Operations (817) 748-8082 with any questions.


Park Village Fountain Goes Dry for Repairs

The privately-owned fountain at Park Village is currently turned off due to water leak and pipe corrosion issues. According to the Park Village property management, ShopCore Properties, several steps must be taken before it is in working order again.

Those steps include filling the fountain with non-corrosive City water to help determine where the leak is coming from, repairing the corroded water lines, re-plastering the inside of the fountain and finally sealing the outside masonry.  Once the fountain is operational it will continue to be run on City water to avoid the corrosion from the previous well water.

The timeline for the overhaul is still being determined.  The City will be working with ShopCore management and the fountain’s new construction contractors to monitor the complete and timely repair.

While the fountain does not represent a safety issue, parents are urged to keep their children away from the fountain until renovations are complete.

“ShopCore appreciates the patience of the community while they work through this repair and are excited to have the fountain back up and running so the community can enjoy every aspect of the property,” said a ShopCore Properties spokesperson in a statement.

Southlake Town Hall and Library Closed for Repairs This Weekend

Southlake Town Hall—including the Library, will be closed this weekend to fix a leak in the water service line. Repairs will begin at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 18, and are expected to be complete by the end of the weekend.

In preparation for the repair, parking spaces along the west side of Town Hall – across from Jamba Juice, Rockfish Grill, and Mi Cocina – will be fenced off starting at noon on Friday, October 17. Blocking off the spaces is a safety measure and is needed to allow water department crews to begin moving in the necessary equipment for the Saturday repair.

Book drops will remain open and customers will have an extra day with their materials, but customers are asked to use the book drops located near the Town Hall West garage, or the on north side of town hall. The special event Do You Know Who You Are for teen girls has moved to Barnes and Noble Southlake at 11 a.m.

Your patience is appreciated during these repairs.

Orange Barrel Alert – Mission Drive Pavement Repairs

On Monday,  June 2, 2014, Southlake Public Works will begin repairing segments of pavement along 900, 1000, blocks of Mission Dr.  During repairs, segments of Mission Dr. will be reduced to one lane traffic.

Residents directly affected by construction will be notified  ahead of construction so parking accommodations can be addressed.  Weather permitting, construction is expected to be complete Friday, June, 13, 2014.

Orange Barrel Alert: Timberlake Subdivision Pavement Repairs

Southlake Public Works will begin performing pavement repairs in the Timberlake subdivision on Monday February 24. Repairs will take place at 210 Timberlake Way and the intersection of Timberlake Dr @ Woodglen Ct. This project is expected to last approximately two weeks, weather permitting.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Public Works at (817) 748-8082.