Monday, December 4, 2023

Mayor Huffman wishes Senior Director of Planning and Development Services Ken Baker Farewell

Goodbyes are never easy, but sometimes they are necessary. The Senior Director of Planning and Development Services, Ken Baker, retired from the City of Southlake this week. Mayor John Huffman sent him off with a memorable farewell on this week’s Minute with the Mayor.

“The man is an encyclopedia of knowledge, and it makes our jobs as councilmembers so much easier because he can dig back in the memory banks and think through and help us talk through and analyze cases based on what prior councils have done and what prior councils have said. It’s invaluable as a councilmember and as a mayor,” said Mayor John Huffman.

Huffman also noted that Baker’s career at Southlake has left an impact on those around him.

“It’s really hard as mayor to try to encapsulate and describe the career of a man like Ken Baker and how much he means to the City, to the City staff, to the City Council, and to me and my predecessors,” he said. “He has made such an incredible impact on the community we live in.”

Baker has worked for the City of Southlake for 23 years. During his tenure, he has overseen several major projects and received numerous awards and accolades.

“His fingerprints are everywhere, from Town Square to every development on every corner,” Huffman said.

Huffman also mentioned the legacy that Baker will leave behind. “Your legacy will be here forever in the buildings and the developments and the parks we all enjoy,” said Huffman.

Congratulations Ken Baker, we will miss you on #TeamSouthlake.