Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Perfect Aim: EIS 5th Grader Becoming Elite Archer


Eubanks 5th grader Mackenzie Kormann placed fourth overall at the National Field Archery Association’s Indoor National Championships.

DSC_2091Behind a compound bow, Eubanks Intermediate School fifth grader Mackenzie Kormann found a new love and unlocked a special talent.

Kormann picked up archery last June after reading the Hunger Games trilogy. In short time, she has quickly risen to elite status and aims to get better and better. Kormann practices regularly and joins 40 other young shooters on Monday nights at the Cinnamon Creek Ranch kids’ league. Through the league and guidance from coaching, Kormann’s talent has grown and in the winter she earned second place Shooter of the Year at the State Championship.

Her rise in the sport became evident during spring break. Kormann and nearly 1,600 other archers from around the country competed in Louisville, Ky., in the National Field Archery Association’s Indoor National Championships. She finished fourth overall, just four points out of second and one behind third. She shot 296 out of 300 in the first round and 293 of 300 on the second day.

Archery is just one of Kormann’s many interests that keep her very active. She loves to sing, play electric and acoustic guitar, piano and clarinet. She is also part of a band called Shades of Purple. In addition, she loves riding horseback and playing lacrosse.

Building up to the national championship, Kormann’s confidence grew by competing in the Texas Field Archery Association’s “Shoot Your Way Across Texas” events. Each weekend for four months, archers of all ages and skill levels competed. They shoot 60 arrows over the course of 12 rounds for a maximum possible score of 300. Archers take their best three scores to the state championship and from there they shoot two full tournaments over a weekend. The agregrate of those five scores earns the distinction of Shooter of the Year.

Kormann’s rapid success continues to grow and she is already gearing for next year’s competition.