Wednesday, February 1, 2023

“Flying Together”: Sculpture Dedicated at Dove, Peytonville and Sam School Rd. Roundabout

The City of Southlake dedicated the “Flying Together” sculpture by Adam Schultz from Dream Big Sculpture at Dove, Peytonville and Sam School Rd roundabout on Friday, May 19, 2017.

Artist, Adam Schultz, designed “Flying Together” featuring two bronze eagles soaring into the sky. This image symbolizes the great heights that have been achieved through the spirit of community in Southlake. The eagles, birds native to the Texas area, represent the ideas of freedom and innovation while reflecting Southlake’s traditional, small town charm. The pair of eagles are flying across a stainless steel circle, moving into the future.

“In recent years, Southlake has shown a true commitment to the arts by unveiling pieces of public art in the City’s roundabouts, parks and facilities. Knowing that roundabouts serve as portals into the City, we are proud to have a sculpture at the Dove, Peytonville and Sam School Rd. roundabout that can be seen and appreciated by all the residents and visitors to Southlake,” noted Community Services Director Chris Tribble.

For more information about the sculpture, please contact Southlake Community Services at (817) 748-8019.

Construction Update – Sam School Road and North Peytonville Avenue

The paving of Sam School Road

The paving of Sam School Road

The paving of Sam School Road has begun and drivers should start seeing new progress on this developer driven road project.

In mid-2015, Centurion American began a roadway project to realign Sam School Road with North Peytonville Avenue. The work is part of their Southlake Meadows subdivision development project and is a preparatory step for the construction of a future roundabout at Sam School Road, Dove Road and North Peytonville Avenue.

Work ran into some challenges however, and, as a result of those challenges, delays. The City delays haven’t gone unnoticed with social media and email comments about the project’s timeline and questions about why work hasn’t been completed.

Now that paving is underway, it should be completed by the end of the week, weather permitting.  Once the paving is complete, the road will remain closed to test the concrete and to ensure that it’s strong enough for traffic. Testing is expected to last at least a week (weather permitting). If the tests are successful, it’s anticipated that the road will re-open shortly afterward.

The paving of the road is an important milestone and puts the project one-step closer to  completion – with a newly aligned road and roundabout. Look for future updates on the City’s social media pages and

For more information on this and other City projects, visit the Public Works Department on