Monday, May 23, 2022

Jet Departures Over Southlake Likely on Sunday 11/4

DFW’s Runway 18R/36L will be closed for pavement maintenance from 10:45PM Friday, November 2, 2012 through 4:00PM Sunday, November 4, 2012.  The National Weather Service is forecasting north winds beginning at about 1:00AM Sunday morning, November 4 and lasting all day.  If this forecast proves accurate there will be jet departures from Runway 13R/31L over the cities of Southlake and Grapevine on Sunday.

No jet traffic is anticipated for Runway 13R/31L for Monday and Tuesday, 5 & 6 November:The closure of the west diagonal runway, Runway 13R/31L is planned for Monday, 5 November through Tuesday, 6 November for paving.  North winds are forecast for much of this period.  If this forecast proves accurate there will be no arrival or departure activity over the Cities of Southlake and Grapevine associated with this runway during construction.  Traffic that would normally use Runway 13R/31L will be distributed to the remaining two west side runways for the two day construction period.

Citizens with questions or complaints should visit home page,  and click on NEWS, for information.  Citizens can submit email questions or complaints to, or reach the DFW Noise Complaint Hotline at 972-973-3192.  DFW can also be reached at, and

Increased Noise over Southlake Expected due to Delay in Airport Construction

Due to weather delays, the runway construction project at DFW airport will not be complete by Saturday, September 22nd as originally scheduled.

According to officials at DFW Airport, the project won’t be complete until the end of next week (week of 9/24).  DFW has also indicated that northeast winds are forecast for the entire day Sunday (9/23) meaning the west diagonal runway will be utilized once again for jet departures.  Southlake residents will notice a noise increase on Sunday as the planes leave the metroplex.  Winds are expected to return to normal Monday morning.

Residents with specific questions about this temporary situation are asked to call the Airport’s Noise Hotline at 972-973-3192.