Sunday, May 29, 2022

Runway Closures Expected at DFW Airport

The City of Southlake has received the following updated information from DFW Airport Noise Office concerning runway closures.DFWLogo

This weekend’s runway closure plans have changed.  Runway 18R/36L will not be closed for preventive maintenance work on the runway’s Instrument Landing System  this weekend.  In its place, Runway 18L/36R will be closed from10PM Friday, 18 September, to Sunday afternoon, 20 September.  This change is necessitated by damage to a drain line within the Runway 18L/36R’s safety area.

It is likely that Runway 31L will be used this weekend for jet departures. The forecast from the National Weather Service is showing winds from the north east beginning at 12PM on Saturday, 19 September and continuing to about 10AM Sunday 20 September.  As with all such maintenance closures, the flights that would have used the closed runway will be dispersed among the remaining, operational runways. This can result in additional flights on runways that already receive flights, extension of hours of use of these runways, as well as distribution of flights to runways that are not typically used for jet departures.  For example, any north flow during a closure period could require the use of Runway 31L to accommodate jet departures.

The schedule for the planned, 6-week closure of Runway 17R/35L for 10PM Sunday, 20 September to 7PM Saturday, 31 October remains on track.  This closure is in support of complete replacement and expansion of runway blast pads, the paved surfaces where jet blast from takeoff power settings would erode unprotected surfaces.

More information about the Airport’s planned runway work, as well as a graphic depicting the location of the closed runway, is available on DFW’s website at the link:  We encourage citizens with inquiries or complaints to contact us.  The telephone Hotline, 972-973-3192, is manned 24/7.  The web address for the Noise Office is  Follow-up response calls and emails will be provided when requested.

High Wind Forecast for 10/31 Could Increase Airplane Noise Over Southlake

The City of Southlake received the following from DFW Airport Noise Office:

Construction on the west side parallel runways was completed last Sunday, however, the National Weather Service is forecasting high velocity west cross winds for this afternoon between about noon and 5 p.m. West wind velocities of 22 mph with gusting up to 31 mph are predicted. If the forecast is valid, the FAA will have to launch jet aircraft from Runway 31L over the cities of Southlake and Grapevine during all or part of that period. As soon as the wind shifts back to a more northerly direction, forecast for about 5 p.m., or the crosswind velocity decreases, jet departures over Southlake and Grapevine will cease.

Because of the success of the construction projects this year on the two west side, parallel runways, for the first time in four years, there are no plans for extended maintenance closures of either west side parallel runway next year. It is planned to close Runway 13R/31L, the west side diagonal runway, for 60 days next summer. If federal funding is provided for that project there will be no arrivals or departures to/from the west diagonal during the 60 day closure. At present it appears that the only reason for jet departures over Southlake and Grapevine from Runway 31L next year would be for high velocity west cross winds such as that forecast for this afternoon.

We encourage citizens with inquiries or complaints to contact us. The web address for the Noise Office is The telephone Hotline is manned 24/7 and is 972-973-3192.