Sunday, July 3, 2022

Southlake’s Safety Team Aims to Improve City Practices & Reduce Workplace Risk

Southlake’s Safety Committee members were honored recently with a City Manager Commendation for their commitment to excellent safety practices and their role in promoting a culture of safety for the municipal organization.

When Southlake’s Human Resources Director Stacey Black learned that on-the-job injuries with medical costs or lost time decreased by 25% over the previous fiscal year, it made her smile. She believes this success is due, at least in part, to the efforts of the City’s hardworking Safety Committee. The group is an interdepartmental team whose mission is to keep employees and the public safe through mindful business practices aimed at reducing risk.

“A few years ago we saw a need to be a little more intentional with our safety practices,” said Black. “In fact, we set a goal of creating a strong culture of safety so that our employees return home at the end of the day or their shift in the same condition they arrived.”

Following an organizational safety audit, the team was formed and put into place under the leadership of employees Chad Minter and Tim Slifka.

“We value the well-being of our employees and the public we serve, and this guides our work,” explained Minter. “Last year we arranged for more than 900 hours of civilian safety training for various workgroups, and have worked since the beginning to create workplace practices that prevent accidents. We make a difference because we proactively focus attention on safety, and take corrective steps when needed.”

The team has worked to:

  • implement vehicle speed monitoring and alerts,
  • understand workplace injuries and how to prevent them,
  • evaluate City vehicle accidents for operational improvements,
  • reduce building safety hazards within City facilities,
  • purchase safety materials and equipment,
  • learn more about best practices for staying safe,
  • put procedures in place to improve workplace safety.

City Manager Shana Yelverton has the highest praise for the performance of the team. “Their importance and effectiveness can’t be overstated,” she said. “I’m looking forward to seeing what outcomes are achieved over time.”

For their strategic and committed work, each member of the Safety Committee has received a formal commendation, and thank you. Above photo from left to right: top row, Mike White, W. Wood, Ryan Arthur, and Tim Slifka. Middle row, Ryan McGrail, Robert Burns, Chad Minter, and Eric Lusk. Bottom row, Shane Cloud, Terry Holloway, and Andrew Merrick.