Sunday, December 3, 2023

Southlake Police Officers Receive Special Gift

This is a story that will warm your heart and will hopefully be shared again and again. Continue reading to hear about the mission of a girl named Liza. (Pronounced Lisa)
The men and women of the Southlake Police Department were privileged and honored to meet Liza Viera on Tuesday. Liza is a college sophomore with plans to major in criminal justice at Sam Houston University.
Liza, her mom Michelle and brother Landon, stopped by the station this afternoon with one purpose in mind. Liza is on a mission. A mission to “Back the Blue”, one officer, one police department at a time.

She gave a Saint Michael medal to each one of our officers. In the Catholic faith, Saint Michael provides protection to believers. He is also known as the patron saint of soldiers and police officers.
These Saint Michael’s medals are very special, not only because they have been blessed by the priest at Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Spring, Texas, where Liza is from, but because they came from Liza. A young girl who wanted to make a difference in the lives of law enforcement impacted by the recent fatal shootings of police officers here at home and across the country.
IMG_3590Liza started with 20 Saint Michael medals blessed by the priest, and within less than 24 hours they had all been given to police officers. She set out to raise more money for more Saint Michael medals and friends and family were all too eager to help. She just ordered another 4,000 bringing her total to 8,000 blessed Saint Michael medals to give to police officers.
The men and women of the Southlake Police Department are deeply moved by Liza’s simple act of love and compassion. Our hearts are filled with joy and the words “Thank you Liza” do  IMG_3592not seem adequate enough; but know from the bottom of our hearts we do “Thank you” and we will never forget your act of kindness. We will carry our Saint Michael medals with us as we serve and protect the great citizens of Southlake.

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