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Carroll ISD To Move Regular School Board Meeting to May 12

Carroll ISD is canceling the May 10, 2021 regular School Board meeting and moving it to Wednesday, May 12, 2021. The meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. at the CISD Administration Center, 2400 N. Carroll Avenue.

The district recently received guidance from Tarrant County election officials that the canvassing of the May 1 Trustee election results should occur no sooner than May 12. Until that time all election results are considered unofficial.

At the May 12 meeting, Trustees will canvass the election votes, give the oath of office to newly-elected Trustees and reorganize the Board. A special reception is also being planned to welcome the newly-elected Place 4 and Place 5 Trustees.

The May 12 meeting agenda will include public comments, as well as all informational and action items originally planned for May 10. The agenda will be posted 72 hours in advance on the CISD website.

Carroll School Board Accepting Applications To Fill Vacancy

Citizens interested in applying to fill the unexpired term for the Place 7 seat on the Carroll School Board must complete an application and turn it in to the CISD Superintendent’s Office by noon on Monday, October 2, 2017.

The Carroll School Board invites interested parents and taxpayers to volunteer their time and expertise to serve on the School Board. The seat was vacated this month by the resignation of Board President Chris Archer, who ran and was recently elected to fill a vacancy on the Southlake City Council.

School Board Vice President Sheri Mills said Trustees will consider all applications and select individuals to interview during Executive Session at a Special School Board meeting in October. The appointment will be made by majority vote of the School Board in open session.

The individual will be appointed to serve in the vacancy until the May 2018 election when voters will elect a candidate to serve out the remaining year for Place 7. The person appointed by the Board will have the choice whether or not to run in the May 2018 election. The seat will come up for election again for a three-year term in May 2019.

October 2017        Appointment to fill the Place 7 seat

May 2018                Election for Place 7 remaining one-year term

May 2019                Election for Place 7 three-year term

Interested applicants must complete the application and return it to the Superintendent’s Office, 2400 N. Carroll Avenue, Southlake, TX 76092 by Noon on Monday, October 2, 2017. Applications will be accepted via US Mail, in person, fax (817-949-8228) or by email to

Mills said submitting an application does not necessarily guarantee participation or an interview. Applicants must certify that they are eligible to serve as a Trustee, have lived in Texas for the past 12 months and have lived in Carroll ISD for the past six months.

For more information about the qualifications for a School Board Trustee, visit the District Webpage to read Board Policy BBA (Legal) on the CISD website.


Place 7 School Board Application

School Board Approves CISD Short-term Growth Plan

The Carroll School Board approved a recommendation Monday to purchase portable classrooms for up to three school campuses  to manage student growth short-term and avoid major attendance rezoning so that the Capital Needs Planning Committee can complete its work.

CISD Administrators say portable classrooms will be purchased and set up at Carroll Elementary School, Johnson Elementary School and possibly even Walnut Grove Elementary School for the next couple of years. The Administration will work within the City of Southlake process to obtain approval for the portables, which will likely be used for pull-out programs and other student services rather than as actual homeroom classrooms. This could change if CISD experiences an upswing in student enrollment beyond projections for 2016-2017.

At Walnut Grove Elementary, where the campus is expected to reach about 700 students in the fall of 2016-2017, the short-term plan approved Monday calls for enclosing some common spaces to make additional homeroom classrooms and adding extra temporary support staff to accommodate the larger student population. The staffing plan was not presented Monday, but will come back to the Board for consideration this spring. If additional staff are added temporarily to WGES to help with specials (art, music, PE, etc.) rotations and student management, it could require a portable on that campus, too.

The Administration’s short-term plan avoids rezoning for hundreds of families who would likely have to move to schools in the south before August due to campuses reaching capacity in the north. The work of the citizens and staff on the Capital Needs Planning Committee (CNPC) is expected to be complete by the end of this school year, which would give the Administration more direction on long-term plans to manage student growth. Superintendent David J. Faltys said this committee’s work is critical as the district looks to its Strategic Plan to educate and prepare students for the future.

“The last thing we want to do is rezone a lot of the families along the Southlake Boulevard neighborhoods only to hear a recommendation from the CNPC that would require additional rezoning for those same neighborhoods two years later,” Dr. Faltys said. “We won’t utilize portables long-term, but this short-term plan approved by the Board gives us the opportunity to let the committee complete its recommendation so that we can formulate a long-term plan for Dragon families.”

The Administration had been considering moving the district’s Preschool program to vacant classrooms at the Durham Intermediate School campus. While this still remains a viable option, the Administration and Board agreed that they would wait for the CNPC recommendation to avoid moving that program twice, too. Ultimately, the CNPC may recommend the Durham Intermediate Campus as a future Preschool site; they could also consider construction of a new, stand alone Early Childhood Preschool campus or renovating an existing CISD elementary school to house the EC/Preschool program.

“Moving Preschool to a more permanent home is something we are studying and hope to do soon, but moving them out of the Rockenbaugh Elementary and Carroll Elementary campuses for 2016-2017 would not have eased overcrowding at Johnson and Walnut Grove elementary schools anyway,” Faltys said. “We would still have had to rezone possibly hundreds of families from JES and WGES to the available classrooms in the south. It just makes sense to implement some short-term solutions so that we can formulate a successful long-term plan and minimize movement for our families.”

School Trustees said they agreed with the Administration’s plan and wanted to take a vote so that families know that no major rezoning will occur for 2016-2017. There is one part of the recommendation, however, that calls for the Administration to survey families in the Carroll Elementary split attendance zone to see if they would favor fixing that zone for the coming year.

For years, the district has had five elementary schools feeding into two intermediate schools. For the CES split zone, it means that when fourth graders leave CES, they are divided between Eubanks Intermediate School and Durham Intermediate School. Families who live in the CES zone but reside north of Southlake Blvd (FM1709) saw their children leave their friends and the south feeder system to attend school at DIS and Carroll Middle School.

Carroll’s Board & Community Relations Department will be reaching out to the families affected by this possible change to see how it affects them and whether or not they favor such a move or if they would request being grandfathered (without bus service) to have their children remain in the north feeder system.

“We have heard for years that we should fix this split attendance zone at Carroll Elementary,” said Julie Thannum, Assistant Superintendent for Board & Community Relations. “We are a little concerned that the families who live in these neighborhoods and no longer have elementary students at Carroll, but have students in 5th, 6th and 7th grades, don’t realize that a change to the CES zone actually means their students attending DIS and CMS may lose their daily bus service.”

School officials said they will be diligent about keeping the parents informed and engaged in the process before a final decision on the CES zone is made this spring. At this point, the Board has not made a final decision on this aspect of the recommendation except to get input from the residents most affected. This should happen prior to spring break in March.

Carroll ISD has available classroom space in grades 5-12 and can accommodate projected growth at those levels. The capacity issue is at the elementary grade levels and is primarily a result of housing developments under construction north of Southlake Blvd. The immediate exception is Carroll Elementary where classroom space could be created when the Preschool program is eventually centralized and relocated. CISD is projected to have 2,858 elementary students in the fall of 2016. That number grows to 2,930 by August 2017.

Each portable building purchased by CISD provides two classroom spaces. CES and JES have each had as many as four portables on their campuses in the past. Under the temporary plan for portables approved Monday, CES would open with one portable building next fall, 608 students and would be at 97 percent capacity. Walnut Grove would have possibly one portable, too, with 699 students and be operating at 94 percent capacity. JES would have one portable, 589 students and operate at 95 percent capacity. Old Union Elementary next fall is projected to have 398 students and would be operating at 84 percent capacity, while Rockenbaugh Elementary would have 564 students at 96 percent capacity.

The challenge, according to school officials, is to find neighborhoods in the eastern portion of the district or individuals who could be rezoned to help increase enrollment in the Old Union Elementary School zone. Options discussed but NOT acted on include moving the EC/Preschool program to that campus, which would first require a new classroom addition or rezoning families in the Winding Creek, Grapevine neighborhood down to the OUES, EIS and DMS zone. Other options would be to move Foxborough and other neighborhoods currently zoned to WGES down to OUES or possibly even RES.

“One decision leads to another and that’s why we are making some short-term decisions that will allow our Capital Needs Committee time to finish their work,” said Thannum. “We want a long-term plan that is best for our district, and we appreciate the Board and community’s support as we work to find those solutions.”

No Contested Races in Carroll School Board May 2014 Election

The Carroll Independent School District General Trustee Election is scheduled for May 10, 2014. On the first day of filing, three candidates submitted applications. They are: Craig Rothmeier (Incumbent), Place 1; Bradley Taylor, Place 2 and Sheri Mills, Place 3.  Election filing began Wednesday, January 29 and ended on Friday, Feb. 28 at 5 p.m. No additional filings were submitted by the deadline. The Carroll ISD School Board will soon consider an agenda item to cancel the election due to these candidates running unopposed.

The School Board consists of seven Trustees elected at-large to serve three year terms. Members are elected by position with terms staggering a three year cycle. Places 1, 2, and 3 are scheduled for election this year. Click here for CISD’s Trustee candidate eligibility policy. Additional candidate information can be found on the Election Filings page on the district website, or by clicking here.

All candidates are required to file an application for a place on the ballot by the filing deadline. Candidates shall submit their election filings to the Carroll ISD Financial Services Department, located in the CISD Administration Center at 2400 N. Carroll Ave, Southlake, Texas 76092. For more information, please contact the Carroll ISD Financial Services Department at 817-949-8272, or

Candidates are also required to file campaign finance reports per Election Code. Click here to view Carroll ISD Board Policy.

Carroll ISD participates in join elections with other entities and contracts with the Tarrant County Elections office to administer elections. Registered voters may vote early by personal appearance at any of the Tarrant County early voting locations, but may only vote at the assigned polling location for their precinct on the actual election day. Voters may verify their registration and polling locations at the Tarrant County Elections Office website.

Important Dates

  • First Day to File for a place on the Ballot – Wednesday, January 29, 2014
  • Last Day to File for a place on the Ballot – Friday, February 28, 2014 at 5 p.m.
  • Last Day to Register to Vote in the May 10, 2014 General Election – Thursday, April 10, 2014
  • Early Voting by Personal Appearance – Monday, April 28, 2014 to Tuesday, May 6, 2014
  • Election Day – Saturday, May 10, 2014

Candidate Information 

Kormann, Archer Win Carroll School Board Seats

With all precincts counted, Matt Kormann and Chris Archer have won three-year terms on the Carroll Independent School District Board of Trustees.

Kormann and Archer both earned 60 percent of ballots cast in the May 11 election, defeating their opponents Sam Torolopoulos and James M. Palazzo, respectively.

Carroll ISD has 19,859 registered voters. With 2,599 ballots cast, it represents a turnout of about 13%. Archer led the voting with 1,506 total votes; his opponent had 1,016 votes. Kormann received 1,498 votes to his opponent’s 980.

The election totals will be canvassed by the CISD School Board on May 20, beginning at 5:30 p.m. Newly elected Trustees will be sworn in shortly thereafter. CISD will host a reception for the new Trustees and their families immediately after the swearing in ceremony May 20.

Unofficial Tarrant County Results with 5 of 5 precincts reporting are as follows:

Place 6 Results:


Sam Torolopoulos

Early Voting – 686 (40%)

Election Day Voting – 294 (38%)

TOTAL – 980 Votes (40%)


>Matt Kormann (Winner)

Early Voting – 1,011 (60%)

Election Day Voting – 487 (62%)

TOTAL – 1,498 Votes (60%)


Place 7 Results


James M. Palazzo

Early Voting – 697 (40%)

Election Day Voting – 319 (40%)

TOTAL – 1,016 Votes (40%)


>Chris Archer (Winner)

Early Voting – 1,031 (60%)

Election Day Voting – 475 (60%)

TOTAL – 1,506 Votes (60%)


Carroll ISD to Board Members: "Thanks S'more"

During last night’s School Board Meeting at the new Carroll ISD Administration Center, the district showed appreciation for all seven trustees with a special “Thanks S’more” marshmallow roasting event on the patio. The short social lasted about 20 minutes before the board reconvened to proceed with the posted agenda. School board members are volunteers elected to serve and receive no compensation for their work as public servants. A photo slideshow of the event is posted below.

Four Candidates File for CISD Board as Filing Closes

Filing for the Carroll ISD School Board closed Friday, March 1 at 5 p.m. Four candidates filed for a place on the School Board Election ballot for one of two, three-year, at-large positions on the Carroll Independent School District Board of Trustees.

Bob Kemins filed January 31 for a spot on the ballot in Place 7 however, Kemins withdrew on Friday, March 1. Sam Torolopoulos filed February 1 for a spot on the ballot in Place 6. Matt Kormann filed Feb. 6 for a spot on the ballot in Place 6. Chris Archer filed Feb. 25 for a spot on the ballot in Place 7. James Palazzo filed March 1 for a spot on the ballot in Place 7. Voters will decide the two seats on Saturday, May 11; they are currently held by incumbents John Thane (Place 6) and Sherri Williams (Place 7).

Application packets and filing was available during regular business hours 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Mondays through Fridays at the Carroll Administration Center’s new location, 2400 N. Carroll Avenue in Southlake (former Carroll Middle School building just west of the North Carroll/Dove roundabout). The filing deadline was 5 p.m. on March 1. Candidates for each place will then hold a lottery drawing for the order of their names on the ballot.

Click here to read the Carroll ISD policy for Board Member Eligibility and Qualifications.