Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Juvenile Fiction: Aliens Among Us

Autumn is a fantastic time to get outside with the kids to stargaze. The moon is waxing, Saturn is in the sky and aliens have landed. Wait, what? That’s right, aliens have landed in these fun scifi kids books. Check them out and look at the stars in a whole new way! For more Kids Books By Genre, check out our lists online.  Science Fiction Books

Boom! (Or 70,000 Light Years) – by Mark Haddon

Humorous Science Fiction. It begins as a simple prank to eavesdrop on the teacher’s lounge at school. But after Jim and Charlie overhear their teachers talking in a weird, not-quite-human language, they stumble into an evil alien conspiracy. So when the aliens abduct Charlie, Jim (along with his metal-head sister Becky) has no choice but to set out on a rescue mission involving a motorcycle chase, a trip to the planet Plonk, a giant alien spider named Britney, and (if they’re lucky) saving the world. For another off-the-wall caper of galactic proportions, try Pi in the Sky by Wendy Mass.

Only You Can Save Mankind by Terry Pratchett

Science Fiction. It’s 1991, during the Gulf War, and Johnny Maxwell is caught up in war games of his own. One day, while he’s playing an aliens-versus-humans game on his computer, the alien ScreeWee fleet surrenders to him and asks for safe conduct back to their world. Though it’s not usually part of the game, Johnny plays along….and soon, the aliens disappear from every copy of the game. Does that mean that the ScreeWee are real — and that they really die when players shoot at them? If you like science fiction that’s as thought-provoking as it is funny, you’ll love the gamer in-jokes and razor-sharp wit in Only You Can Save Mankind.

The Doom Machine – by Mark Teague

Science Fiction. Jack Creedle’s “no-account” Uncle Bud, an inventor, has been tinkering with something in the barn again…and a spaceship full of spidery aliens has arrived to steal it. The aliens, called skreeps, kidnap Jack, Uncle Bud, and a pair of stranded motorists and whisk them away to Planet Skreepia, and Earth’s fate rests in the captives’ hands. Illustrated with plenty of drawings of various alien creatures and full of pell-mell adventure, this humorous science fiction yarn set in the 1950s will be a hit with anyone who enjoys scifi hilarity.