Sunday, June 4, 2023

Thanks for Making Your Marq, Summer Volunteers!

Summer break is officially over, but we couldn’t let another day go by without thanking the incredible volunteers that spent their summer with the Community Services Department.

Our mission is to create world-class experiences, and our volunteer base helps us achieve that mission every day. The summer months are our busiest time as a department, and volunteers are crucial to providing outstanding recreational services. Our volunteers play a vital role in the Community Services Department, from serving as Volunteer Counselors at Summer Camp Mania, keeping Champions Club clean as we increase our membership, to sending Happy Birthday emails to our Senior Activity Center members,

We had a great volunteer turnout this summer. Our Community Services Volunteers worked over 1,700 volunteer hours equaling $43,000 of service. Thank you for the work you did running our Summer Camps, taking ownership of our Champions Club facility, and putting smiles on our seniors’ faces. Whether you put in 2 hours of work or over 100, your contribution made a difference.

We are so grateful to each volunteer that spent their time with us this summer. Your impact was felt, and we look forward to seeing you again here soon!

Are you interested in volunteering with the Community Services Department as well? Visit to learn how to get started!

Making Their Marq: A Special Thank You to Our Summer Volunteers

The Marq Southlake opened its doors to volunteers once again on June 1, 2021, and service-minded individuals heeded the call!

The Community Services Department had exceptional youth volunteerism this summer. Our volunteers play a vital role in our mission to create life-long memories. From assisting seniors at the Senior Activity Center, keeping Champions Club in tip-top shape, to ensuring Nature Camp and Camp Mania campers had a summer to remember, our volunteers stepped up to the plate!

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community while learning crucial life skills. Marq volunteers experienced what it takes to keep facilities like the Senior Center and Champions Club operating at the highest level to ensure world-class service and member satisfaction. From facilitating weekly luncheons at the Senior Center to helping with birthday parties and member appreciation events at Champions Club, our youth volunteers gained valuable customer service skills.

The Marq was not the only place where volunteers made a difference this summer. Outstanding Camp Mania and Nature Camp volunteers worked an average of 40 hours each to ensure our summer camps were safe and fun for all camp participants. Gaining important programing and childcare experience, our volunteers were vital to our camps’ success every year!
The impact our volunteers had cannot be overstated. This summer, our volunteers served more than 200 hours at the Senior Activity Center, more than 280 hours at Champions Club, and over 1,300 hours at summer camp!

Here’s what some of our volunteer liaisons had to say:

“Through the dedication, willingness, and care of our volunteers, the Senior Activity Center was able to continue its exceptional programming without interruptions. We depend on our volunteers’ creativity and helping hands to enhance the experience of our seniors at the Senior Center.” —Soheila Phelps, Senior Services Coordinator.

“Volunteering for any program is a privilege. Each camp volunteer made an impact and positive connection to all of our campers, counselors and parents. I appreciate all the hard work. They enjoyed swimming, ice cream, snow cones, and bounce houses. But the most important thing is they enjoyed the service and gave back to their community. This community is special thanks to our camp volunteers.” —Gretchen Morgan, Programs Coordinator.

Thank you so much to our wonderful volunteers! We can’t wait to see you again! Learn how to volunteer with us here!