Assistant City Manager Ben Thatcher presented an inside look at Southlake’s Sidewalk Program during the February 4 Council meeting.

He discussed updates on sidewalk infrastructure and how the City plans and funds sidewalks.

Thatcher showed how residents can utilize an embedded interactive map on the City’s sidewalk page and explained how residents can get information pertaining to sidewalks.

The easy to use map shows all of the existing sidewalks, hiking and equestrian trails and provides information about future sidewalk segments in Southlake.  

As new neighborhoods develop, plans to include more sidewalks are in the works. As for the more established areas in Southlake, the City wants to help them obtain sidewalks as well. 

“We’re open to working with neighborhoods to come in and retro fit sidewalks if we’re able to get an easement or get the right-of-way,” Thatcher said. 

The page even includes an in-depth video about planning and funding sidewalk projects and a contact form to connect residents to Public Works directly. 

For more information about sidewalks or to view the City’s sidewalk pages, please visit   

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