We've discussed how to drive through the roundabout located at N. White Chapel and Highland, now let's talk about signs. Roadway signs are designed to keep drivers and pedestrians safe. When driving through the roundabout you may see the following signs:


Roundabout warning sign: alerts drivers that a roundabout is ahead.


Advisory speed plaque: displays speed limit when approaching this particular roundabout.



Lane movement sign: displays allowed maneuvers for each travel lane.



Yield sign: controls vehicles entering the roundabout. When approaching the roundabout, drivers are required to slow down but not come to a complete stop when other cars or pedestrians are present. The yield sign at the N. White Chapel and Highland roundabout is accompanied by triangular yield pavement markings.


One way sign: reinforces single allowed direction of travel. All traffic should travel counterclockwise within the roundabout.



Right lane must turn right sign: used to specify the only allowed maneuver from a turn


Keep right sign: directs traffic to stay to the right of a median or concrete island

For more tips on navigating through the N. White Chapel Roundabout, click here. Let’s Talk Roundabouts: Single and Dual-Lane.

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