Southlake residents now have access to free, simple and convenient recycling for clothing, shoes and accessories.

The program is part of a partnership between the City of Southlake and Simple Recycling that aligns with the 2035 Health and Wellness Plan to encourage diverting recyclable items from the landfill.

“We encourage residents to continue donating their used goods to their favorite non-profits, but are also excited to begin our partnership with Simple Recycling to offer residents an additional way to recycle,” said Lauren LaNeave, Assistant to the City Manager.

Residents should be receiving a post card with recycling instructions and a recycling bag in the mail. Recycling is easy! Fill your orange bag with your pre-loved clothing, shoes, belts or purses, set your bag out beside your recycling cart on your regular recycling day and your bags will be picked up and new bags left for next time.

There is not a limit to the number of recycling bags that can be placed for recycling.

Eligible recycling items include any clothing, accessories such as hats and jewelry, and even household items such as blankets, curtains, pillows and pans.

“The EPA estimates about 85% of clothing and usable home goods are thrown into a landfill instead of donated. This program offers residents a convenient way to divert these items from the landfill and put them to good use,” LaNeave said. “The initial timeframe of the program was delayed by COVID-19, but we are very excited to get it off the ground.”

Unfortunately, the previous launch date was printed on the mailer sent to all homes this week. Please wait to place bags at the curb until June 15.

The items Simple Recycling collects are sorted based on quality and condition. Top-quality items can be resold to the local thrift store, and others will be exported to international markets or processed for raw materials. To request additional clothing recycling bags, visit, email or call 866-835-5068. Click here for more information about trash and recycling services in Southlake.

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