Friday, February 23, 2024

Warning Siren Undergoes Maintenance

The outdoor warning siren at the Public Works Municipal Center at 1950 East Continental will be down for maintenance starting Thursday, December 15th.

During this time, area residents will not receive audible alerts from this siren and are advised to find multiple ways to receive emergency alert notifications, including television, social media, and your smartphone.

The Office of Emergency Management will also set a geo map of the affected outage area in the emergency notification system and manually push notifications as needed.

“We apologize for the inconvenience,” said Emergency Manager Amanda Meneses. “We test the sirens on the first Wednesday of every month either audibly or silently depending on the weather and periodically as needed. But it was brought to our attention that during the December 13th weather event, this siren did not function as required, which is why we have requested that our contractor perform a complete overhaul of the siren to ensure functionality in the future,” she added.

The siren is expected to be back in service by early next week. Residents will be notified when the siren is back in service.