Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Southlake Makes Best Small Cities to Live in America List

Sometimes it’s just better to live small. We have proof! The City of Southlake has made the 2019 list of Best Small Cities in America!

According to an article on, Southlake ranked in the 99 percentile as one of the best smaller cities to live in the United States compared to 1,200 other smaller cities with population sizes ranging from 25,000 to 100,000.  Scores were based upon Affordability, Economic Health, Education, Quality of Life and Safety.

It goes without saying; Southlake has one of the highest homeownership rates with over 90% of homes occupied in the area. The City is also known for its strong local economy. Earlier this year, the City received a AAA bond rating according to Fitch Ratings and S&P. Factors such as strong financial policies and practices, budgetary performance and flexibility and cost management were taken into consideration to receive such high ratings.

The City is also no stranger to a quality education; served by a total of four school districts the graduation rate is above 94%.

The Health and Wellness Master Plan is how the City invests in the economic health of the community.  The plan is designed to address the City’s built and natural environment, mental and physical health, age-friendly communities and community resiliency by identifying the current health and wellness policies programs and partnerships within Southlake.

The Quality of Life and Safety has always been a top priority for the City, in the proposed FY 2020 budget the City has will replace vehicles including a new Fire Truck in order to reduce risk, injury and retain low maintenance costs and the Fire Department will get a major upgrade to their Emergency Operations Center (EOC) so that emergency personnel can gather in one central location to help mitigate a situation in time of crisis.

The list of reasons to live in Southlake is a long one, and while the City continues to ensure that our residents have a premium quality of life, it would not be the same without the patrons who volunteer, visit and live in Southlake every day.