The 25th anniversary of Southlake Stars and Stripes is right around the corner! We all know Texas tends to be on the hot side in the summer, which poses risks that can turn a fun day around quickly — but don't worry! With these heat safety tips, we can make sure that this Stars and Stripes is the best one yet.

Stay Hydrated:

The best way to participate in Stars and Stripes like a pro is to hydrate before, during, and after the event. Your body will need extra H2O to function while out in the hot sun enjoying all the fun! Be sure to bring a water bottle and take sips even when you don't feel thirsty.  

Wear Sunscreen and Remember to Reapply:

Don't spend your Independence Day dealing with a bad sunburn! Remember to protect your skin by applying sunscreen periodically throughout the day.

Schedule in Stops at our Cooling Station:

The fun isn’t going anywhere! There will be plenty of time to enjoy all that Stars and Stripes has to offer, so make sure a stop at our cooling station on Grand Avenue in front of Starbucks is part of your plan. At this station, there will be guaranteed shade and cool mist. Remember to take frequent breaks here throughout the day to drink some water, reapply sunscreen, and let your body recharge.

Stilt walkers dressed in patriotic attire, posing with two women

Consider Leaving Pets at Home:

In Southlake, we love our furry friends! In fact, we love them so much that we recommend keeping pets at home and safely out of the sun for the Stars and Stripes event. On top of being in the heat of summer with the possibility for triple digits, the bright, loud fireworks could spook your four-legged friends and cause them to bolt.

If you do plan to bring your dog, ensure they are correctly leashed according to the city's leash ordinance. Please also keep in mind that hot pavement could harm your dog and lead to heatstroke. Pay attention to these things to guarantee your pet is being properly cared for.

Family posing with a red white and blue star

Keep Cool and Dress for the Heat:

Stroll around Stars and Stripes in style by choosing loose, lightweight, and lighter-colored clothing. Wearing your favorite hat and sunglasses is also a good way to protect your eyes from the sun.

If You are Feeling Sick, Seek Medical Attention:

Emergency medical personnel will be on site, and Southlake Police Officers will be posted throughout Town Square. If you are feeling faint or dizzy, please seek medical attention right away. This year, the first aid tent will be on the corner of Fountain Place and Grand Avenue, and a second tent will be located in Cornish Park.

As you gear up for the Stars and Stripes event, remember that staying safe under the summer sun is key to creating a memorable and enjoyable time for all. Here's to a fantastic celebration filled with joy, laughter, and unforgettable fun!

This year's Stars and Stripes event will be the most exciting yet as we are set to celebrate 25 years of fun! This patriotic celebration will take place on Wednesday, July 3rd, 2024 with a series of festivities to enjoy with friends and family. The event is from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., with the grand finale fireworks show set to light up the night starting at 9:30 p.m.

Be sure to come hungry, as there will be various food options for purchase such as Texas BBQ, corndogs, pizza, delicious funnel cake, and many other frozen desserts and treats to help you and your family or friends beat the Texas heat.

There will be a variety of entertainment and activities, such as a donut-eating competition provided by Donut Snob, Stilt walkers, a chalk artist, and live music with various musicians and talents. Something new this year that we are excited to announce is that there will be a giveaway including incredible prizes that will be announced the day of Stars and Stripes.

For extra fun, parents can bring their little ones to Kids Corner, the spot for all your child’s favorite activities. Outdoor games, a miniature carnival, and painting activities will all be held in this area. Kids’ Corner is the perfect place to keep the little ones occupied before the start of the fireworks show.

There will be a beer and wine tent available for adults. You must be at least 21 years old to purchase alcohol, and valid identification will be requested. No outside alcohol will be permitted.

Restrooms will be available in various locations and will be marked on the event map posted around Town Square. Event parking is free, and the city will offer free roundtrip shuttle services to and from the event. Pick-up and drop-off locations include Gateway Church and White's Chapel Methodist Church.

If you wish to arrange your seating area early, this will be allowed at 7:00 p.m. on July 2. Please remember that the City of Southlake is not responsible for stolen, unattended, or lost items.

We are so excited for the 25th Annual Stars and Stripes and we hope to see you all there!

To learn more about this event, visit the official Stars and Stripes webpage.

Everyone is invited to celebrate the Lunar New Year at the 2nd annual Southlake Spring Festival in Southlake Town Square on January 21! 

The Southlake community is hosting its 2nd annual Southlake Spring Festival on Saturday, January 21, 2023! The festival will take place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Southlake Town Square, located near 1400 E. Southlake Boulevard, Southlake, TX 76092. Join the festivities on Lunar New Year's Eve for an afternoon of delicious food, cultural performances, and family-friendly activities showcasing the unique cultures of China, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, and Taiwan.

The name Spring Festival, the celebration for the start of the new lunar year in many East Asian countries, is rooted in the lunisolar calendar. In traditional East Asian lunisolar calendars, used primarily for agricultural purposes, a year is divided into 24 solar terms (see the calendar to the right). The first solar term of a lunar year is called the 'Start of Spring,' signifying an increase in sunlight for the northern hemisphere of the Earth and the beginning of warmer temperatures. After celebrating the Spring Festival, a new cycle of agricultural activities begins.  Graphic displaying lunisolar calendar.

January 21 is Lunar New Year's Eve, and Southlake Spring Festival has so much in store to celebrate. There will be several photo opportunities to help make every moment memorable, and lots to do! Activities include learning how to write one's name in Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, and Japanese, learning about a traditional tea ceremony, watching cultural performances on the stage, participating in the dragon parade, taking a photo with the lion mascot, and engaging in a variety of artistic crafts!

At Southlake Spring Festival, you can learn much more about lunar/solar New Year activities in many East Asian cultures! For more information about the event, visit the "Southlake Spring Festival" on Facebook.


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