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Tarrant County Commissioners Court Honors Southlake Fire Inspector and Investigator Angie Lopez

On Tuesday, February 8, the Tarrant County Commissioners Court honored Southlake Fire Inspector and Investigator Angie Lopez for her assistance with an investigation for the Tarrant County Fire Marshal’s Office.

Lopez utilized her investigative skills by serving as a translator to Spanish-speaking couples taken for thousands of dollars in a wedding-reception scam.

Her skills, hard work, and dedication helped bring about a successful outcome for the Tarrant County Fire Marshal’s Office.

“There’s not a challenge that Inspector Lopez will not take on.” Southlake Fire Chief Mike Starr said. “Her skills and desire to help others allows her to respond to any situation with understanding and compassion, which builds trust and bridges the gap between authorities and victims.”

At the March 1, 2022, Southlake City Council meeting, Lopez was also honored for her efforts. She has worked as a fire inspector for the City for seven years.

Inspector was also honored at the March 1, 2022, Southlake City Council meeting.


Demonstrating World Class Performance: A Look Inside Southlake Fire

They are the first responders to arrive on a scene. They assist with the injured, visit our schools and are a beloved staple in the community. Kids look up to them and grownups want to be them. Some would even refer to them as our first real-life heroes. They are our local firefighters.

When it comes to implementing the City’s values of integrity, accountability, innovation, excellence and teamwork, the Southlake Fire Department sets the standard.

The staff is comprised of highly-trained individuals who specialize in fire prevention services emergency response, emergency management, public outreach and education and community risk.

Since firefighters are more than likely to be the first responders who arrive on the scene, training is essential.

In 2020, our firefighters accrued 14,000 hours in fire training, 4,000 hours in EMS training and 6,000 hours in professional development.

“We are required to do a certain amount of training by regulatory agencies once you become certified in both fire and EMS,” Deputy Chief of Operations Kurt Hall said.

Not only does Southlake Fire’s commitment to serving the community speak volumes, but their commitment to excellence is displayed through accolades and award-winning achievements.

“We are internationally accredited through the commission of fire accreditation international. We’ve also been awarded a grade of one through the insurance services office, so we are an ISO Class 1,” Hall said.

Southlake Fire also received the 2020 CPSE/CFAI Accreditation based on internal performance metrics and best practice measures. They were one of 10 agencies in the world to complete this accreditation.

Apart from earning some of the highest credentials in the industry, keeping citizens safe is a top priority.

According to the 2020 Southlake Fire Department Annual Report, Southlake Fire:

  • Responded to fires in under 6.35 minutes 90% of the time, which is above industry standards.
  • Responded to 3,210 calls for service.
  • Saved $5 million in property.
  • Dispatched EMS in 45 seconds, 90% of the time.
  • Battled six structure fires in the City of Southlake.
  • Fought 21 structure fires in other jurisdictions.

Southlake Fire is also a member of the Northeast Fire Department Association (NEFDA), which allows citizens of Southlake to have access to the resources of 14 other jurisdictions.

“We are a member of that association to create and to provide specialized rescue training to the community. Most fire departments require individual teams and these 14 cities have come together to cost share. It gives us access to specialty team rescue type training like high angle rescue, confined space rescue, trench rescue, technical rescue, which is structural collapse,” said Hall. “The additional training allows the employees themselves to focus on what they enjoy. When you do something you enjoy, you always provide a higher quality, a greater focus and you do a better job.”

Our firefighters also offer training and free resources through public education and outreach programs such as CPR training, fire extinguisher training, child safety seat installations and household hazardous waste disposal through a partnership with Fort Worth Environmental.

They also offer station tours for small groups and organizations.

“I think what separates the Southlake Fire Department from any other fire department is the fact that we hire employees that truly care about what they do. They want to provide a high-quality world class service to the community, and they do it in a professional manner,” Hall said.

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Southlake Fire Receives 2020 CPSE/CFAI Accreditation

As part of the City’s overall commitment to set world-class standards and exceed expectations, the Southlake Fire Department is proud to announce they have been re-accredited through the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CPSE) by unanimous vote.

The Southlake Fire Department is one of only 10 agencies in the world to complete their fifth cycle of accreditation and is one of only 11 agencies in the state of Texas to be accredited through CPSE.

“It is an honor to receive this type of recognition for the high-performance standards we have set for ourselves,” City of Southlake Fire Chief Michael Starr said. “This is proof of our dedication to be the best and provide superior safety and security services as we protect Southlake.”

In January, assessors from CPSE and the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CPSE/CFAI) reviewed the Fire Department for compliance with their 10 major categories and 252 performance indicators. Accreditation occurs every five years. The accreditation is a comprehensive self-assessment and evaluation model that enables organizations to examine past, current and future service levels along with internal performance metrics for best practice measures.

The City of Southlake is proud to raise the standard for fire departments around the work with strict application of code and regulation by the highest trained and accredited professionals.

(The photo above was taken prior to social distancing guidelines.)

City of Southlake Adopts Action Plan to Keep Residents Safe

City Council adopted the 2020 Tarrant County Hazard Mitigation Action Plan during the January 21 City Council meeting.

The plan allows access to federal mitigation grants to minimize the risk of damage that would be caused by a man-made or natural disaster.

Although the HazMAP is designed for all of Tarrant County, it accounts for and addresses the unique needs of Southlake. The plan identifies and quantifies the risks Southlake faces and serves as a tool to identify goals, strategies and projects to mitigate these risks to ensure Southlake remains a resilient community.

The City determines the risk by looking at historical data and trends.

“The City utilized data in a risk assessment to determine what areas would be impacted in case of a natural disaster. This data helped us design a plan to be prepared for these issues if or when they occur,” Amanda Meneses, City of Southlake Emergency Manager said.

To build a multi-jurisdictional, county-level HazMAP, the plan was coordinated through a partnership with Tarrant County, the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) and 33 participating jurisdictions.

The plan is a continuation for the previous HazMAP which was set to expire this year. The plan must be updated every five years and adopted by resolution.

“Our priority is to keep our community safe,” Meneses said. “If the HazMAP is not adopted, it would exclude Southlake from applying for federal mitigation grants.”

The plan meets the requirements of the Code of Federal Regulations, State of Texas Division of Emergency standards and the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000, which allows access to federal mitigation grants that would otherwise be inaccessible without an approval from HazMAP.

City Budget Supports Highest Standards of Safety and Security

In Southlake, safety and security are two of the City’s highest strategic priorities and new investments are proposed within the FY 2019 budget to advance a number of safety goals.

People who live, work or play in any community want to be able to go about their days without threat, injury or property loss. The degree to which they are safe and secure in their homes, or when they are out and about living their lives is often the result of efforts made by the local municipality.

“Becoming a victim of a crime or experiencing a significant health crisis can change lives forever,” said City Manager Shana Yelverton. “It’s our aim to minimize the risk, and if something does happen, to make sure we are exceedingly helpful in setting things back to normal.”

To ensure a high level of public safety, the City is focused on a number of key initiatives for the coming year, including improving school safety, ensuring that police and fire personnel have the equipment they need to perform excellently, and even funds to minimize the risk of mosquito-borne illness.

“Campus safety is a top priority of the Southlake Police Department. Our strong partnerships with Southlake families and Carroll ISD has helped create new opportunities to enhance school safety while keeping school faculty and our students focused on learning in a safe, protected environment,” said Police Chief James Brandon.

The Crime Control and Prevention District Board of Directors has allocated more than $500,000 from the District’s half-cent sales tax revenue to fund school safety initiatives. A task force is currently studying best practices and will identify ideas to assist Chief Brandon and the Police Department with their work. These initiatives will complement the work already underway by Southlake’s 12 School Resource Officers (SROs).

The PD will also make technology purchases to aid in investigative processes and protective gear for officers.

The Fire Department has also reviewed their programs and equipment so they are ready to respond as needed.

“Readiness is about ongoing training and having the equipment and materials we need to get the job done,” said Fire Chief Michael Starr. “This fiscal year we’ll be focused on emergency management planning and tabletop exercises, managing mosquito threats, and general training.” In addition, the Department will be purchasing a replacement fire truck.

Funds are also included in the budget for workplace safety and occupational training, designed to eliminate costly accidents and lost time, and safety at City facilities and parks.

“We have an important obligation to be vigilant and well-prepared. The resources provided through the budget are well-considered investments into the safety of our beautiful community,” said Yelverton.

Southlake Fire Department Open House ‘Celebrating 50 Years of Service’

The Southlake Fire Department is inviting all Southlake residents and businesses to join us as we celebrate 50 years of service with our wonderful citizens.

The 50th Anniversary will kick off on Tuesday, March 1, 2016 with a Proclamation that will be presented at the City Council meeting.

The Open House is only a few weeks away so mark your calendar for Saturday, March 5, 2016 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The celebration will be held at DPS Headquarters located at 600 State Street.

The Open House promises to be great fun for Southlake families and their kids. We will have lots of activities including: a bounce house, balloon artist, clowns, face painting, station tours and vehicle displays.

And there will also be hot dogs, chips and drinks for everyone! Plus, the first hundred kids will receive a FREE t-shirt (*Limited sizes available.)  We look forward to seeing you there!


Fire Open House







Southlake Recovers from the Ice Storm

Southlake sand trucks working the City streets

The cleanup from the 2013 ice storm is under way.  Southlake Public Works put more than 300 tons of sand to work on Southlake’s streets in an effort to help melt the accumulated ice.  Mother Nature will also help out as temperatures are expected to rise into the 40s over the next several days.

Southlake’s first responders were busy as well.  The Southlake Fire Department responded to 38 calls over the three-day period.  Fourteen calls were weather-related including seven medical calls and one for a major car accident.

Southlake Police responded to 182 motorists assists and 5 minor accidents.  During the storm, additional officers were called in to assist with the increased number of calls.

For the week of Monday, December 9, 2013 – Friday, December 13, 2013, Republic Waste Services will resume all trash and recycling collection according to their posted schedule. Due to the delayed pickups at the end of last week, Republic anticipates an increased volume of trash and recycling throughout the week. As such, the collection of limbs, leaves, or other debris may be delayed until later in the week. Questions should be directed to Republic Services at (817) 317-2424.