Thursday, December 8, 2022

National Parks and Recreation Month Proclamation

Southlake Mayor Laura Hill presented to the Community Services Department the “National Parks and Recreation Month Proclamation” on Wednesday, June 27.

The City of Southlake recognizes parks and recreation programs and
facilities are an integral part of communities across the United
States, and in particular, their value to the City of Southlake; and,

Whereas, the parks and recreation programs and activities are vitally important to
establishing and maintaining the quality of life in Southlake, ensuring the health of
citizens, and contributes to the economic and environmental well-being of Southlake and
the region; and,

Whereas, the City of Southlake offers a variety of parks and recreation opportunities
designed for all ages and interests, including popular recreation or athletic programs,
special community events, senior activities, nature exploration, tennis and aquatic
programs, arts and cultural activities and volunteer opportunities; and,

Whereas, the City of Southlake Community Services Department desires to enhance the
quality of life for all Southlake residents by providing exceptional recreational, cultural
and educational opportunities through its parks and recreation programs; now,

Therefore, I, Mayor Laura Hill, on behalf of the City Council, do hereby proclaim July,
2018, as National Parks and Recreation Month
and encourage all citizens to “A Lifetime of Discovery” during July, and to express our
sincere appreciation for the many Southlake parks and recreation programs, and the City
of Southlake parks and recreation staff for their dedicated service.