Tuesday, January 31, 2023

City of Southlake Reveals Capital Improvement Projects for 2023

There’s no doubt that Southlake is rapidly growing! According to the City’s Department of Economic Development, over 2,400 residents have relocated to Southlake within the last five years. That is an
8.4% growth increase.

In efforts to support the City’s growing economy, the City of Southlake will be undertaking several Capital Improvement Projects to improve safety, infrastructure, and mobility needs.

These projects will include lane and culvert upgrades, underground storm line and drainage improvements, erosion protection, waterline improvements, and pedestrian and traffic safety upgrades.

These projects will also make travel easier and more efficient for thousands of Southlake residents, visitors, and businesses.

“As Southlake continues to grow and evolve, it’s important that we preserve and take care of our assets; Southlake includes capital improvement projects (CIP) that outline construction projects over five years in the City’s annual budget plan. This plan allows us to allocate funds and plan projects accordingly to accommodate Southlake’s growing economy,” said Director of Public Works Rob Cohen.

Here are some of our upcoming mobility projects:

Projects starting in January 2023

  • Dove Trail Drainage Improvement Project – The project will replace an existing culvert at Dove Creek Trail as well as San Saba and Mission Drive. These existing culvert crossings are made of corrugated metal pipe. Replacement of these culverts with reinforced concrete pipes will improve the structural integrity of these crossings. (Project located South of SH 114)
  • Highland Street – The project will replace an existing culvert crossing at W. Highland Street. Contractors will replace the culvert with a higher capacity culvert, improving drainage conveyance and significantly reducing the road’s potential to be overtopped during storm events. (Project located South of SH 114)
  • Peytonville and Raven Bend Drainage Improvement – Construction for drainage improvements are set to occur near the intersection of N. Peytonville and Raven Bend. Improvements include adding an underground system for stormwater management, a concrete-lined ditch to convey stormwater, waterline relocation and upsizing, and pedestrian improvements, including a sidewalk to close an existing gap. (Project located South of SH 114)

Projects starting in the Spring of 2023

  • FM1709 – Deceleration Lane at Byron Nelson Parkway/Southridge Lakes – This project will include the construction of right-turn deceleration lanes at Southridge Lakes Parkway and Byron Nelson Parkway. This project will improve safety, convenience, and mobility efficiency on Southlake Boulevard. (Project located South of FM 1709)
  • Big Bear Creek near Independence Parkway – This project will include erosion protection for public infrastructure adjacent to a stream bank along Timarron Creek and Big Bear Creek near Independence Parkway. (Project located South of SH 114)
  • Central Avenue Improvements – Construction of pedestrian and traffic improvements will occur at the Central Avenue and Main Street intersections. The proposed revisions will include modifications to all four corners of the intersections to enhance pedestrian access and visibility.
    (Project located in Town Square South of SH 114)

Projects starting in the Summer of 2023

  • Shady Oaks Utility Improvements – Contractors will install a 12-inch water line to improve water quality and increase system capacity within the distribution system along Shady Oaks Drive from Highland Street to West Dove Road (Project located South of SH 114)

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Spring Reconstruction Projects set to begin in Town Square

Beginning Wednesday, May 11, contractors with Reynolds Asphalt will begin construction to perform pavement improvements on four streets in the city. These improvements are a part of the Southlake Mobility team’s Town Square Enhancement projects.

The four streets included are:

  • 1st – Prospect Street (from Carroll Avenue to State Street).
  • 2nd – Grand Avenue (from Division Street to SH114 Frontage Road).
  • 3rd – Grand Avenue W. (from Grand Avenue split to Federal Way).
  • 4th – Summit Avenue (from FM1709 to Main Street).

Construction will take place from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day until complete. Weather permitting, the project is anticipated to be completed by Friday, May 20, 2022.

Safety is a top priority. Motorists are reminded to be aware of the work zone.

For more information about mobility projects in Southlake, please visit www.ConnectSouthlake.com.

Sidewalks, Lights and more – N. White Chapel Boulevard Developments Continue

This week on N. White Chapel Boulevard, irrigation is being installed in the medians. Also, this week, the installation for the street light bases is on schedule to be completed.

Sidewalk crews continue to install the sidewalk and the retaining wall, which is located on the west side of the road. Please keep in mind that traffic is now switched to allow crews to start work on the east side of the road when work is complete on the west side.

The masons are working on the capstones for the screening wall, and once that is complete, they will start installing the stone face on the retaining wall located on the west side.

This project is expected to be completed by summer 2022, weather permitting.

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S. White Chapel Boulevard Sidewalk Improvements Coming Soon

Did someone say sidewalks? Well, good news, more sidewalks are coming to Southlake!

Contractors are scheduled to start construction on a sidewalk segment connecting the newly built bridge at S. White Chapel Boulevard (Big Bear Creek crossing). This sidewalk will close the missing gap and provide a continuous connection to W. Continental Boulevard.

The project will add approximately 2,000 linear feet of new sidewalk. Construction will begin the second week of March and is estimated to be complete by May, weather permitting.

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N. White Chapel Project January Update 2022

Work on N. White Chapel Boulevard is off to a great start this year.

Road reconstruction has been completed on Ascot Drive and San Saba Drive and all intersections have been reopened to traffic.

Last week, the contractor finished paving on E. Chapel Downs and Mission Drive.

This week, the subcontractor will add the final finishes to the remaining curb inlets and sections of the screening wall.

Contractors are expected to apply the permanent paving in February 2022, weather permitting.

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Road Closures Planned Near N. White Chapel Boulevard

Concrete paving operations for the northbound lanes of North White Chapel Boulevard are expected to begin later this week.

The intersections of North White Chapel Boulevard and San Saba Drive and North White Chapel Boulevard and Mission Drive will be closed starting Tuesday, December 14 for approximately 10 days as crews work to finish the paving at these intersections. Emerald Boulevard and Diamond Boulevard will remain open and will afford unimpeded access to the neighborhood during the street closures.

The temporary closure of Ascot Drive is expected to occur during the CISD Winter Break. It should be reopened before the start of the spring school session.

Drivers are encouraged to seek alternate routes as travel delays will occur.

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The Southlake Mobility Team Encourages Drivers to Buckle Up

Enhancing Southlake’s mobility landscape is just one of the many roles the Southlake Mobility Team plays in the success of building a better transportation system that both pedestrians and commuters can enjoy.

For everyone to benefit and enjoy the community around us, we want to encourage everyone to fasten your seat belts before you hit the road.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, seat belts save more than 13,000 lives every year.

Buckling up helps secure you inside of your vehicle and acts as a defense mechanism against aggressive, impaired and distracted drivers.

Below is a list of seat belt guidelines by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that can help you stay safe.

  1. Place the shoulder belt across the middle of your chest and away from you neck.
  2. Adjust the lap belt across your hips below your stomach.
  3. Never put the seat belt behind your back or under an arm.


Vehicle Preparedness for Inclement Weather

September is National Preparedness Month and while we prepare for inclement weather, we also need to prepare for running into bad weather while on the road.

Although these weather conditions are hard to predict at times, being prepared can help.

Here are a few safety measures to put into place prior to facing inclement weather.

  1. Keep windshield wipers updated
  2. Check tire pressure and tread
  3. Check car battery, hoses, belts and fluids before long road trips


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Upcoming Mobility Projects 2021

New year, more projects! The Southlake Mobility Team is working to make getting you from place to place better!

These projects include repaving roads, repairing potholes and full reconstruction.

Projects are as follows:

Road Construction Projects 2021 

Brookwood Lane, Hillcastle and Raintree Spring 2021
Briar Lane and Hilltop Drive Spring 2021
Hillside Court Spring 2021
Simmons Court Summer 2021
Tarrant County ILA – N. Carroll (SH114 to Burney) Summer 2021


Maintaining the City’s mobility network has always been a top priority. These improvements will provide safer commutes and improve overall mobility in Southlake.

For more information, including updates, follow the Southlake Mobility Facebook page or visit www.ConnectSouthlake.com.