Friday, August 19, 2022

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Not Text and Drive

Let’s make the world a better place with a resolution to stop distracted driving.

We’re constantly sending friends and family photos of our dog, memes and links to viral videos through text messages. As much as you would like to respond when you’re driving, DON’T. It can wait.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving claimed the lives of 2,841 individuals in 2018. Similar research by the Texas Department of Transportation in 2019 showed 97,853 crashes were due to distracted driving, inattention or cell phone use.

This year, make it your resolution to stop texting and driving and help create safer roads for everyone.

For more information on the It Can Wait movement, visit

Southlake Style Supports Local Businesses Through Advertising Match Program

As a locally owned business, Southlake Style magazine understands the importance of supporting other area businesses, especially during economic hardships created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Founded in 2006, the magazine covers the suburbs of Northeast Tarrant County through print, digital and event offerings related to community, food, events and style. Through the Southlake Style Cares initiative, the magazine has established a $100,000 Advertising Match Program to assist local business towards a swift economic recovery.

“After speaking with many local businesses during March and April, we saw first-hand how many were struggling due to COVID-19. We worked hand-in-hand with many to alter their marketing programs, defer their billing and provide installment billing options. With many of their businesses being closed or having a reduced capacity, their need to market and communicate was even greater. We wanted to find a way to help businesses even further and the advertising match program was born,” stated Nicole Tesoriero, co-founder and sales and marketing director of Southlake Style.

Every dollar spent on new print and digital display advertising through December 31, 2020 will be matched with an equal amount of advertising up to $100,000 in matched advertising. Since the program launched in late July 2020, more than 40 businesses have applied to the program and as of mid-September, Southlake Style matched $57,988.25 to 33 businesses across a variety of industries, including restaurants, health and wellness, travel and leisure, and services.

Matching funds may be gifted to another business or non-profit organization.

“Believe it or not, there are some industries and businesses that are thriving throughout COVID-19 and the idea of gifting match dollars was born from knowing that while some are doing well, they may not have the need to use the gifted dollars for themselves. We live in a community where businesses like to support one another and we knew that by offering a gift option, we’d have some companies stand up to help others. A perfect example is how Billy Stevens of billyGo called us after seeing the announcement of our program and said he’d like to gift $10,000 to the program and earmark the gift specially for our locally owned restaurant community.”

Southlake Style supports efforts to increase consumer confidence and is a member of the Economic Recovery Task Force, which is composed of local business leaders who work with the City of Southlake to help strengthen Southlake’s business environment in the wake of COVID-19 impacts. Southlake Style has also taken the Southlake Safe Pledge, a City program for local businesses that are practicing recommended health and safety guidelines. Businesses that take the Southlake Safe Pledge are included in the Southlake Safe business directory, have a revolving feature on the Southlake Safe website, and receive a kit that includes PPE essentials.