Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Five Ways to Get your Fit City Challenge Time This Weekend

Hey there Team Southlake! We’re about two weeks into the Fit City Challenge, and we’re all about bringing home the gold!

We know you like to stay fit and active, but sometimes it can be challenging to find creative ways to get your time in—especially on the weekend. Fret not, Team Southlake, because we’ve compiled a list of five fun ways you can get your 45 minutes in this weekend. Are you up for the challenge?

Shop Til’ You Drop at Southlake Town Square
Olympic athletes may roll their eyes, but Southlakers know shopping is not a joke! With over 100 shops to choose from, five beautifully located public parks, and public art pieces, getting in 45 minutes of walking activity in Southlake Town Square is a no-brainer!

Take a Free Bootcamp Class on Saturday
Start the day off right and blast through over 45 minutes of activity during this fast, fun, and free Outdoor Fitness Series class. Join us at the Champions Club Outdoor Turf 1 as we sweat, build muscle, and elevate our heart rates with Skyler. The best part is it’s free, and no registration is required! Learn more here.

Explore the Bob Jones Nature Center
Nature-lovers will have no problem getting in their minutes at the Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve. With over 20 miles of hiking trails, beautiful natural scenery, and proximity to Lake Grapevine, this is an outing you won’t forget. Check out the trail map here!

Check out EVO Entertainment
There’s a new venue in town, and it’s called EVO Entertainment. Evo elevates the traditional movie-going experience by offering 11 bowling lanes, a multi-level ropes course, bumper cars, and more! Who said going to the movies was a passive activity?

Join Champions Club
We’ve saved the best for last. If you want to make sure to get your 45 minutes of activity every day, there’s no better place to do it than at Champions Club. Our state-of-the-art facility has everything you need to work up a sweat. From a world-class Aquatics Center, top-notch fitness machines, a weight room, free weights, and functional training areas, a two-court gymnasium, indoor track, group and personal fitness studios, and more, Champions Club has it all! Become a member today to take advantage of our members-only benefits!

There you have it, Team Southlake, five incredible ways to get active this weekend. They all sound so much fun! Let’s keep Team Southlake on top!

Best Practices for Road Safety During Holiday Season

Can you believe it? The holiday season is here! As we prepare to shop, visit loved ones and join in on all the holiday festivities, we need to make sure that we are following safety protocols.

Here are best practices for road safety during the holiday season:

  1. Check weather conditions –

Being aware of the weather allows you to determine how long it will take to get to your destination and whether your vehicle is drivable for that particular road condition.

  1. Watch for pedestrians –

There’s no doubt that foot traffic increases during holiday season. Make sure you look around several times before you back up, drive through crosswalks and navigate through parking garages.

  1. Do not drive when you are sleep deprived –

Some businesses will open sooner and close later to accommodate customers. Make sure you get an adequate amount of rest before you leave home.

For more holiday mobility safety tips, please follow the Southlake Mobility Facebook page or visit www.ConnectSouthlake.com.



Troop 168 Carries on Tradition of Placing American Flags at Town Square

With dew on the ground, the sun peeking through the horizon, shadows begin to scatter around the front of Town Square, as members and leaders of Boy Scout Troop 168 begin placing American flags around the perimeter of the front lawn one by one, paying homage to the United States of America.

This scene has occurred since 2010 as the Troop sets out and takes down the American flags at Town Square on seven holidays each year.

Scoutmaster Simon McLean said Troop 168 takes pride in honoring America and these special holidays with the placement of the flags.

“We’re proud to do so,” Scoutmaster McLean said. “And participating scouts receive service hours when they fulfill this responsibility.”

The Troop places the flags in Town Square each President’s Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Patriot’s Day, Veteran’s Day and Pearl Harbor Day. So, if you ever wondered who ensured a symbol of our City’s pride in the USA was displayed on these holidays, you now know it was an act of service from the Southlake Boy Scout Troop 168.

City of Southlake Earns Marketing Awards for Stars & Stripes 20th Anniversary

Kaliff Marketing Gold AwardThe City of Southlake’s annual Stars and Stripes 20th Anniversary recently received recognition, winning multiple awards from the Texas Festivals & Events Association (TFEA) for the 2019 event.

TFEA hosted the annual Kaliff Marketing Awards for events held throughout the state before the pandemic and virtually after the pandemic began from June 1, 2019, through May 31, 2020. Southlake earned the top honor, first place, in the Best Miscellaneous On-Site Décor for the City’s photo booth display, in its respective budget category. The City also was chosen for two bronze awards in the Best Event Video Promotion and Best Giveaway categories.

Stars and Stripes Photobooth

Kaliff Gold Award – Best Onsite Decor – 20th Anniversary Photo Frame

“It is our goal to create memorable experiences for our City, its residents, and visitors alike,” said Daniel Cortez, Southlake’s director of economic development and tourism. “We can bring forth these exemplary events like our signature Stars and Stripes because of our community support. We can’t thank our sponsors enough for seeing and believing in our vision for events and joining us in our efforts to help create those memories.”

The award competition, which recognizes marketing and promotion campaign excellence, highlights the TFEA’s annual summer conference. Although the meeting was postponed in 2020 due to the pandemic, the awards competition still took place with 395 submitted entries.

“The goal for festivals and events is to create memorable experiences and signature destination events that are unrivaled in their entertainment value, as well as all the other elements associated with such programs,” said TFEA Executive Director Kay Wolf.

Mayor in Giveaway Chair

Kaliff Bronze Award – Best Giveaway – 20th Anniversary Chair

TFEA is a professional trade association for festival and event planners, volunteers, and suppliers from across Texas. It is an official affiliate of the International Festivals & Events Association, the premier professional association supporting festival and event leaders worldwide.

‘I Believe in Southlake’ Mural Goes on Display in Town Square

Southlake Town Hall has a new accessory this week as the City’s first mural titled “I Believe in Southlake,” was unveiled on Tuesday, December 8.

Inspired by the public art displays in New Orleans, it was developed to show some of the many reasons why Southlake is vibrant and unforgettable.

Mayor Laura Hill said City officials started brainstorming ways to bring more people to Southlake Town Square and enjoy with their families.

“I am so proud of our City. Southlake is so many things to so many people, and I love that this piece of public art captures all the things that make it unique and special. I can’t wait to see the pictures on social media; I think it’s a great way for people to make memories in a place that all of us love to visit and enjoy,” she said.

The city is putting the final touches on the newly erected display to help ensure safety for those taking keepsake photos in front of it.

The mural, designed by Southlake’s Marketing and Graphic Design Coordinator Missy Saunders, includes beloved staples of the Southlake community and Texas. It is the first of its kind Southlake Public Art initiative. The painting, which is estimated to be 15 feet wide and 8.5 feet tall, was further developed by local artist Liz Bonham. It’s located on the building’s northwest side, across the street from Rockfish.

This initiative is also part of the Southlake Arts Master Plan, which includes creating engaging public spaces that stimulate discussion, cultivate patrons of the arts, and celebrates Southlake’s history.

To learn more about the City’s public art collection, visit SouthlakePublicArt.com.

Southlake Turns 64! Celebrate With a Walk Down Memory Lane

Next week, September 22, to be exact, Southlake turns 64! Celebrate with us the next time you are in Town Square by taking a stroll in Family Park and checking out our new light pole banners.

The banners showcase who we are now as well as where Southlake came from stemming back to the last century.

We’ve already kicked off the celebration with the Mayor’s Alliance, “We are Southlake” city-wide poster contest. Winners will also be featured in the Square during the fall.  There’s still time to enter; click here for more information.

Here’s an up-close and personal view of our new banners.  Enjoy, and we will see you in the Square!

Southlake Town Square Named Great Public Space

Southlake Town Square was named a Great Public Space by the American Planning Association Texas Chapter for 2020. 

The award recognizes the great neighborhoods, streets and public spaces in Texas and how perfect planning is key to creating a space for people to work and play. 

Southlake Town Square is proof that our thoughtful planning by City leaders and citizens throughout the years has led to exceeding the expectations of our residents and visitors,” City of Southlake Senior Director of Planning and Development Services Ken Baker said. “We’re very proud to be recognized for the community’s hard work and delivering memorable experiences.” 

Even during social distancing, as businesses, residents and visitors face limited choices and options, Town Square remains a place for people to take out a bite to eat or spend some time walking around and enjoying one of the six parks.  

Southlake Town Square was created as a 130-acre downtown. The area has parks, open space, retail and office buildings, Town Hall and residential buildings, and also serves as a community gathering place, hosting events such as Stars and Stripes, Art in the Square and Home for the Holidays.  

The first phase of the project opened in 1999, with the second and third phases opening in 2006. 

Home for the Holidays Is This Saturday – Let’s Talk Safety

You know that the ole saying, “the more the merrier,” It’s perfectly fine to be merry, but let’s practice safety too!  We have a few safety tips to help make your Home for the Holidays festivities happier and merrier and safer of course.

Home for the Holidays is a great time for families and friends to gather in Town Square to kick off the holiday season.  The season starts on Saturday, November 23 at 4:30 p.m. and runs until 8:30 p.m. with the Tree Lighting Ceremony taking place at 6 p.m.

Here are a few tips to know before the event:


Parking will be available at both the East Garage and West Garage


If you plan to utilize a rideshare service, direct your driver to our designated drop off location at Summit Park located at 1501 Main Street.

What to bring:

Pack up gloves or mittens for your little ones.  We will have cool activities like snowman building and tubing down snow mountain on site, bringing gloves will help keep those little hands warm so they can have a lot of fun!

Get Notifications:

For event updates and notifications, text H4HSLK to 888777. You can also follow us on social media on Facebook and Twitter.

To review a full list of Southlake’s Home for the Holidays events, please visit our website. Also, check out our fun Home for the Holidays video on safety and tips here.

Special thanks to this year’s Title Sponsor Classic Chevrolet and our other event sponsors Sprouts, Fort Worth Christian School, Springfree Trampoline, and Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southlake and Madison Reed Color Bar.

Council Approves Engineering Services Agreement for Water Line Improvements

City Council approved an Engineering Services Agreement with Baird, Hampton and Brown to provide design services for water line improvements at Westpark Circle along T.W. King Road and SH 114 at the September 17 City Council meeting.

These improvements will allow the city to retain our public assets as well as provide safety and security to our residents while reducing maintenance costs for water line facilities.


Westpark Circle along T.W. King Road

The Westpark Circle improvements will serve the Westpark Circle Subdivision. The subdivision is served by an existing 2-inch water line and does not currently have any fire hydrants.  The proposed design will include upsizing the existing 2-inch water line to an 8-inch water line in addition to adding fire hydrants.

T.W. King Road runs adjacent to Westpark Circle and has a 6-inch water line under the pavement. The proposed upgrade will replace the 6-inch line with a 12-inch line outside of the pavement.  The 12-inch water line will allow for easier access to the water line for maintenance while minimizing traffic impacts on T.W. King Road.

Improvements to both water lines will allow the City to improve water quality as well as provide fire protection to residents.


SH 114 

The updated for SH 114 Frontage Road will take place near the Southlake Medical District.

Right now, there are two 12-inch lines in place that come to a dead end. One line goes to the southeast of the Southlake Medical District and the other line ends northeast of the East Highland and the SH 114 intersection.

The proposed improvements will connect the water lines along SH 114. By connecting the water line segments of each dead end, it will allow better circulation in the water system which would eliminate the need to flush stagnant water as well as improve water quality.

Funding for these improvements will come out of the FY 2019 Capital Improvement Program budget. This Construction is scheduled to start Q4 of FY 2020.