The City of Southlake takes pride in employing world class employees who not only serve our community, but have served the entire country.

Meet our veterans, Engineering Inspector Julio Reyna III and Public Works Senior Equipment Operator Jason Camblin.

Both individuals served in the U.S. Army, Reyna for four years and Camblin served for 14 years.

Transitioning from the military to civilian life may have its challenges, however, the values remain the same.

“I continue to use values such as Loyalty, Duty, Respect and Integrity to better serve the citizens of Southlake,” Reyna explained.

Camblin also uses the values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage that were instilled in him while serving in the military and applies them in his service to the Southlake community.

When asked what Veterans Day means to them, Reyna and Camblin shared their thoughts.

“Honor, Sacrifice and Pride; it’s a day of appreciation for the people who served before me, during the time I was able to serve and those serving after me,” said Reyna.

Camblin defines Veterans Day as the “duty to the American way of life.”

To date, the City of Southlake employs 31 veterans.

Thank you for your service and for continuing to serve the citizens of Southlake.







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