Sunday, May 28, 2023

Parks and Recreation is now hiring part-time staff for the spring and summer!

With spring starting and summer just a few months away, the Southlake Community Services Department is now hiring part-time staff. Spring and summer are the busiest times of year for our department with camps, programs, and activities taking place every day across our facilities.

Positions offered include Recreation Leader (for Summer Programs & Summer Camps) and Recreation Specialist.

Recreation Leaders assist with recreation programs and activities while Recreation Specialists supervise those programs and activities.

For more information about these positions or to apply, please visit

Carroll Faculty, Staff Sharpen Skills During Professional Development Day

PD10.13 (1) Across the Carroll ISD teachers, coaches and administrators took part in a myriad of activities during the district’s Staff Development Day on Monday, Oct. 13. Each CISD campus hosted a series of events ranging from guest speakers and workshops to interactive uses of technology in the classroom.

Teachers at Carroll Elementary School spent the afternoon discussing campus, individual teacher data and areas of strength. The kindergarten through fourth grade teachers also shared lesson strategies and explored using online resources for lesson plans.

PD10.13 (4)Campus safety and security measures were also reviewed among school staff members. Eubanks Intermediate School hosted a Safety Q & A session while Dawson Middle School took part in a walk-through evacuation drill late in the afternoon. Teachers at Rockenbaugh Elementary spent time reviewing the district’s Emergency Operation Plan.

PD10.13 (5)CISD Curriculum Coordinators also hosted sessions for teachers from multiple campuses in an effort to align lessons. Today’s professional development activities also produced a first in the district, the first time all kindergarten through twelfth grade choir teachers took part in an afternoon training session.

While most of the day’s sessions focused on exploring the use of technology to enhance classroom instruction, presentation also showed faculty members how the right online tool can simplify communications and paperwork.

Today was Carroll’s first Staff Development Day since the first day of school. Prior to that, Carroll teachers spent four days during the district’s annual Professional Development week held every year the week before school starts followed by the first Teacher Work Day of the school year that was held on Friday, Aug. 22. The next Teacher Work Day (student holiday) will be Monday, Jan. 5, 2015.